Seventh-generation Ford Mustang makes a splash. On the one hand, some people affirm that it is one of the best, on the other hand, some people think it is more of a deep re-styling. Both are partially correct for one simple reason: This iteration is the last installation of the ICE engine. So, in the Yankees house, they don’t break their heads too much, but take what’s valuable and investigate with new ones.

As my colleague Diego Ávila tells you, one of the big strengths of the new Mustang is its core.that’s it Keep the 5.0-liter V8 block within its reach (4th generation) Although the update is convenient. The surprise came from the announcement that there was no concrete data yet: it would offer better responsiveness and performance.but Behind the scenes, what about the new Ford Mustang? Well, there’s some confusion there too…

The ‘base’ Ford Mustang will have two separate 12.4-inch and 13.2-inch screens…

2024 Ford Mustang interior design

If you flash back a little and remember what the sixth-generation Mustang looked like, you’ll see that the pony car didn’t join the big-screen fad.But this was left behind by the new one, which, as seen in the huge evolution its interior was going through, launched a Dual screens run in purest Mercedes style. The monitor dimensions are as follows: 12.4-inch digital cockpit Yes 13.2 inches for SYNC4 infotainment system.

Both are united in the central area, housed in a plastic frame finished in glossy black. same, The base version of the Mustang will keep the two screens but separate. While it may seem counter-productive, it makes the dashboard look simpler as it avoids frills.In addition, the passenger compartment has other details that make it unique, such as fabric seat.

ford mustang

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But they’re not the only ones, as the vents lose their chrome detailing and the plastic material takes over the entire cabin. as a curiosity, Gone is the manual brake lever, replaced by control of the electric parking brake. In short, it’s much simpler, as elements like red leather or seams on the dash are omitted, which make it more sober.but Maybe this is more to the taste of the typical customer

everything, This image corresponds to Yankee Market So we’ll have to wait and see what the one that arrives in Europe will look like. Maybe the “best” comes, which means “swallowing” with a huge screen…