Idan Ohayon died on Tuesday at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, southern Israel. According to the Daily Mail, the family of the deceased only reported that the cause of death was poor medical condition.

The Israeli star TikTok gained popularity by posting videos featuring he made fun of his own obesity, he often recorded how to eat them as well. Ohayon gathered a wide group of fans on the platform, as many as 140,000. In turn, he was watched by 52,000 people on Instagram. Tiktoker supporters were touched by his death.

“My heart is torn to pieces such a young man. May his memory be blessed “- wrote one of the fans on Tiktok.

Another fan wrote on his instagram account: “I’ve known you since you started with the internet, I will miss you dear friend. ”

A few months ago, Ohayon reported that he was taking a break from social media. However, he decided to come back and when it did, he had new followers very quickly.

– One day decided to go back to social mediaso I updated the video on Tiktok, Ynet told Israeli media, quoted by the Daily Mail. As he added, he received 300,000 views within 24 hours. So he started to publish more videos, and the views and followers increased. Idan Ohayon became so recognizable that, by his own admission, “people asked him for a selfie.”