Not her All day long But my favorite red carpet look. This can be traced back to the 2006 Venice Film Festival 15 years ago. “That night Queen The screening in Venice is a very important moment, because that was the moment that brought the film to the public stage,” she recalled. “I have a very cute silver sequined dress-it’s not the same as mine. As a queen. I like that look. “

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Sequins and Pink hair It can make Mirren feel beautiful-or in her preferred terms, like she is “swaggering”-but in the end what makes her feel her most charming in the most gorgeous film industry event is a completely unexpected accessory : Comfortable.

“Somehow, wearing comfort makes you feel relaxed and relaxed, thereby changing your appearance,” Mirren said. “You can do everything perfectly, but if you feel uncomfortable with what is displayed, or if it doesn’t fit well, you will be a little stiff. Strangely, comfort is very, very important.”

When Mirren appears in front of the camera, this comfort will be reflected in self-confidence, which makes her a beautiful idol for many people. But even Mirren himself has beautiful role models, including Kate Winslet, who recently joined Mirren as the ambassador of L’Oréal in Paris.

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“There is no doubt that Kate is a very beautiful woman, of course. But she is always beautiful in her own way-her natural self,” Mirren said of her With beauty supporting role. “Even though she is obviously dressed beautifully in her hair and makeup, she is always very natural. It comes from her personality. She is a very great woman.”

As they said, it takes a person to know a person.

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