The Associated Press and coaches voted for the top 25 preseason rankings, and opinion polls showed unanimous agreement on the top 10.

Of course, this means that college football playoff regulars like Alabama and Clemson top the list, but four schools scrambling to compete for the first time in the CFP game are also on the list.

Can you trust Texas A&M, Cincinnati, Iowa or North Carolina? Which schools will reach the projected total number of wins for the 2022 season? Sports News checked the high/low of the top 10 to see who we trust the most (Odds provided by FanDuel.com).

Alabama (11.5)

The Red Tide team has lost three regular season games in the past five years, and in that time they have completed three undefeated regular season games.It is easier to accept and hope that Alabama will slip on the roads of Florida, Texas A&M or Auburn, but the Crimson Tide has not become a loser Regular season since Georgia in 2015The absurdity of this statistic makes it easier to take over this bet.

judgment: Exceed

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Clemson (11.5)

We hate this total. This is a tough bet, knowing that the Tigers can hit the ball in their first loss to Georgia. If Clemson wins, then it’s easy to say that they should go through the ACC, because they know that their record in the divisional games in the past three seasons is 24-1, and the only loser is Notre Dame. Will a fluke happen in North Carolina or South Carolina? We doubt this, but this is a situation where we would rather stay away from knowing that the Tigers can have that absurd ACC hiccup and still enter the CFP 11-1.

judgment: under

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Oklahoma (11)

This season, the Sooners have a strong offensive ability, and they even won some first place votes. However, under Lincoln Riley (Lincoln Riley), Sooners has not yet remained unbeaten in the regular season, and there are enough potential potholes on the schedule to cope with the unexpected Big 12 defeat each year. Oklahoma will still win the top 12, but we think this is a regular season loss.

judgment: push

Ohio (11)

Ryan Day has not lost a Big Ten game, and Buckeyes has accumulated enough talent, there is a considerable gap between them and other opponents. The game against Oregon in Week 2 was not easy, but it was at Ohio Stadium. Minnesota and Northwestern University have crossover games, and Indiana and Michigan have challenges. But Ohio State University will meet all these requirements. According to the schedule, they are the best choice for unbeaten in the regular season.

judgment: Exceed

Georgia (10.5)

This is like Clemson’s proposition. If you think the Tigers will win the opener against the Bulldogs, stay away. After that, Georgia still has to test Auburn and Florida, and the Bulldogs have lost at least one SEC regular season every year for the past three seasons. This boils down to the opening remarks in many ways. Is Georgia better than a 10-2 team?

judgment: under

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Texas A&M University (9.5)

In every game before the October 9 matchup against Alabama, the Argyz team should be favored. That is the show of the show. Winning that game, the end feels like a lock. Losing, bettors may have to test at Ole Miss and LSU in November. In other words, it feels that Aggies’ total victory should be 10.

judgment: Exceed

Notre Dame Cathedral (8.5)

The Irishman has a new quarterback in the Wisconsin transfer to Jack Cohen, and has a difficult schedule with four top 15 opponents in Wisconsin, Cincinnati, North Carolina and the University of Southern California. Do you think the Irish can lead 3-1 in those games? If so, please take over, because there will be no more losses on the schedule. If you think Notre Dame de Paris leads 2-2 in these games, then they can reach 9-3, which is still a good choice. We believe in Brian Kelly’s recent reloading capabilities.

judgment: Exceed

Cincinnati (10)

We like the plan established by Cincinnati and Luke Fickel. This boils down to whether Bearcats can get a share of the two non-conference blockbusters in Indiana and Notre Dame. It wouldn’t be surprising if they won in Bloomington, but the loss there forced Cincinnati to remain unbeaten in the AAC when the playoffs were not in conversation. The Bearcats can still win the meeting, but 9-3 may be the final record. This is a push at best.

judgment: under

Iowa (9.5)

The Hurricanes’ AP preseason ranking is the highest ever, which proves the culture that Matt Campbell has built in Ames. Before Cyclones can win the 12 championships, they must defeat their state rival Iowa for the first time in five attempts with Campbell. The meeting schedule is friendly, but road trips to Kansas and West Virginia are a potential trap game. Iowa State University may lose two games in a big game against Oklahoma State, this time in Norman. This is another difficult decision between 10-2 and 9-3, and it may depend on that game in Iowa.

judgment: under

North Carolina (9.5)

Under the leadership of Mack Brown, the rebranding of North Carolina is excellent, and Tar Heels seems ready to promote the ACC championship under the leadership of center Sam Howell. What is holding us back? North Carolina has indeed replaced a few key skill players. In the past two years, Tar Heels have lost seven division games. If UNC loses to Notre Dame and Miami, it may become very risky, but remember that high heels will miss Clemson in the regular season. Nevertheless, we still believe that a breakthrough is coming. Watch the Tar Heels beat this total 10-2.

judgment: Exceed


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