The Mexican Football Association and the regional governing body CONCACAF are working to eradicate the homophobic slogan used by some Mexican football fans, but this slogan reappears during the 2022 Gold Cup.

Due to homophobic slogans, the referee twice called off the Group A matches between Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago.Stopping the game is part of a three-step agreement FIFA was established in 2019 Address the homophobia and racism of spectators in global competitions.

What is an ode to homophobia?

It is believed that this practice began in the early 2000s. Supporters of the Mexican national team chanted Spanish gay slander (“p—”, roughly translated as “gay prostitute”) when the opposing goalkeeper kicked the ball out of the goal. The song is said to be used to intimidate the “goalkeeper” and the opposing team, but the authorities of the sport have been working hard for years to prevent its use.

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During the 2014 World Cup, this carol was notorious worldwide, and despite the growing condemnation of the carol, it made a comeback four years later during Mexico’s 2018 World Cup victory over Germany. The Mexican Football Association has been fined by FIFA several times-more than 15 times over the years, Calculate by one -And the punishment will only escalate. FIFA’s latest sanctions in June last year included ordering two official home games to be played behind closed doors.

Mexican football officials are using every opportunity and means to call on fans not to use slogans. They worry that future discipline may include Deducted points or even expelled From the official competition.

In recent months, efforts to change the behavior of fans through marketing campaigns, press conference calls, video advertisements, stadium signs and player information on TV, on stadium video boards, and live broadcasts before kick-offs Has increased.

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Despite progress-Mexico played three games before the Gold Cup without any accidents-but this slogan still rises from time to time, including the recent Gold Cup.

On July 13, when asked if he was worried about the carol and its consequences, Mexico coach Tata Martino said: “Everyone is worried, and of course we will be worried. ratio [Mexican] The Federation has done it.Now it’s on people [fans]The request to not happen again will continue, but the ball is definitely on someone else’s court. “

Three-step agreement

The organizer of the Golden Cup, CONCACAF, launched a campaign against chants and passed FIFA’s three-step agreement Deal with it in the game. In addition to driving fans out of the stadium, the steps also include:

  • step 1: The game is suspended and fans are warned
  • Step 2: The game is suspended and the players are transferred to the locker room
  • Step 3: Give up the game

Mexico’s first game in the Gold Cup required the referee to implement step 1 of the agreement after hearing the slogan among the fans at the end of the game.

After that incident, CONCACAF Made a direct and targeted public statement Expressing disappointment with fans, they used homophobic slander in every appeal against it.

“Concacaf is very disappointed that some Mexican fans chanted discriminatory language during the Gold Cup match against Trinidad and Tobago at AT&T Stadium on Saturday, July 10. Despite the fact that there has been an important Concacaf anti-discrimination campaign in recent weeks , But still heard the’goalkeeper’s slogan’. FMF’s extensive efforts show that this is unacceptable…

“Concacaf will continue its anti-discrimination campaign and, if necessary, will initiate an agreement, which includes that if fans participate in discriminatory behavior, they will expel fans and suspend the game.

“We urge fans to discard the discriminatory goalkeeper slogans of the past and focus on creating a positive and welcoming football environment for all fans and the community.”


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