In the announcement earlier today, it said it has Resume all business operations In the country, Honda Malaysia (HMSB) also hinted at plans to launch new models before the end of the year as part of its plan to increase activities in the last four months of this year.

However, the statement issued by HMSB MD and CEO Madoka Chujo did not indicate any specific content beyond the intent, and it will happen sometime this year.

“In our plan to regain momentum and set a new benchmark in the market, Honda Malaysia has launched new models with Honda’s next-generation advanced technology. These new models will be launched in the next few months. At present, it has been extended to 12 During the sales tax exemption period on 31st, these launches will provide Malaysians with more new model options,” she said.

Mention of models means that more than one is designated for market entry, and one of the possible models is of course New CivicThe company teased the expected arrival time of the car this year in April, when HMSB President and COO Sarly Adle Sarkum hinted in an interview that Malaysians could I saw this car for the first time this year.

Although the delivery time for its product launches in recent years is sometimes not fixed, we do know that its purpose is to make the Civic soon after launch Regional premiere (it is Launched in Thailand Last month), but the pandemic and the resulting long-term blockade will inevitably postpone the timetable. When it arrives, the preview will provide a clearer picture of when the car will actually enter the tape this year.

Another possible model might be City hatchback, We know this is because of this market Jazz replacement. It was confirmed a long time ago Fourth-generation jazz Will not move in our direction, its position will be shortened city Then.

The question is whether it will enter the showroom this year-from the information we have collected, it is related to the market launch, but again, the instructions for this will come from the usual preview.The ones that did not appear on the card this year are new Heart rate-V, The third generation will only expire in 2022.Oh, as for the next-generation advanced technology projects, these should be Sensing And the company’s i-MMD Hybrid System.

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