Tokyo– Honda The new CEO of the auto company said on Friday that the Japanese automaker is willing to form new alliances to make electrification profitable.

“If Honda can accomplish what it should achieve as soon as possible through the alliance, then we are willing to form an alliance,” Toshihiro Mibe, who held the highest position in April, said at a press conference when asked how he envisions a global electrification alliance.

Mibe’s comments reflect the pressure on the global automotive industry to share technology and costs to meet the demand for cleaner cars.He held the top position Japan’s Increasingly transforming automotive technology into the second largest car manufacturer electric car (EV) and autonomous driving.

Honda and its alliance partner General Motors Has stated that it will launch two jointly developed large electric vehicle models in North America, using General Motors vice battery, In 2024, a series of new models will be launched. These models will adopt a new EV platform called “e:Architecture”.

The two companies have cooperated Self-driving car And fuel cell vehicle (FCV) technology, and are exploring more ways to expand the alliance.

Honda has stated that its goal is to increase the proportion of electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles to 100% of total sales by 2040.

Mibei said that the price of electric cars is the same as that of household appliances, and once the product goes on the market, the price will drop rapidly.

“Considering that electrification is currently not commercially viable, establishing alliances will be a huge direction to increase the number of electric vehicles,” he added.Partners will bring economies of scale Electrification of Ford F-150 Lightning, Price and F-150 Gasoline version.

Traditionally known for its fuel-efficient internal combustion engine, Honda launched its first mass-produced all-battery car in August.

Mibe said that Honda can stand out in the electrification race with next-generation electric vehicle batteries.

The head of Honda also said that due to the closure of several unviable manufacturing plants, including its plants in the UK, Turkey and Japan, the automaker expects that the profitability of its auto business will be improved in the next fiscal year. improve.

Last year, Honda’s operating profit margin was 13% motorcycle with 1% Is used in cars.

Mibe stated that the company will use electrification as an opportunity to review its product lineup and improve profitability, adding that Honda is considering the use of customer data to launch new digital services or businesses.

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