There are many villains in the story of pop star Britney Spears. There are authorities who used her to make sexual provocations when she was a girl and used her as a punchline when she was young. There are also paparazzi who harass her when she takes the children. There are ex-boyfriends, there are fans, and we, demanding fans.

The job of the justice system is to identify villains and pack them.Instead, California courts have rewarded Spears’ father for 13 years Jamie, A failed businessman who struggled with alcoholism and filed for bankruptcy, according to the documentary Frame Britney Spears, Often absent from his daughter’s childhood. They are arguably the most shocking villains among them.

In 2008, when his daughter suffered an obvious mental health crisis, Jamie asked the court to make him her protector-the legal guardian.He has Mostly stay in power since. He has decided which friends she will meet, what treatment she will receive, and what will happen to her wealth, which is estimated to be worth 60 million US dollars.

However, from the beginning, Spears made it clear that she did not want him to have this power. Her former lawyer said in a statement that she was prepared to accept the administrator, not him. Frame Britney SpearsThe court rejected her point of view, holding that she was mentally unfit to appoint a lawyer.

Spears is 39 years old, and for most of her adult life, she was controlled by a man she didn’t want. She was considered enough to perform for thousands of people, but she could not visit her friends.

On Wednesday, I heard the singer broke her public silence on the matter in a Los Angeles court. Her evidence is creepy. She said that those involved in management supervision, including her father, “should go to jail”; “To be honest, I want to sue my family.”

They let her work 7 days a week, took her credit card, and did not give her privacy when she was undressing. “In California, the only thing similar to this is the sex trade,” she said. They will not let her remove the IUD because they don’t want her to have more children. But they did allow the doctor to prescribe lithium “out of thin air”.

When she was young, Spears was very calm. On Wednesday, she sounded very anxious. “I cry every day,” she said. When she spoke in court for the last time, she felt “like I am dead, like I am irrelevant”. This time, she told the judge: “I wish I could talk to you on the phone forever.”

The story of Spears is the opposite of some celebrity tragedies. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are surrounded by responders. Spears was surrounded by no one. therefore, Her story More common. Guardianship is widely abused in the United States. Professional guardians can identify elderly people with milder health and tell the court that these people cannot support themselves, even without notifying the subject or their closest relatives.

The hearing may only last a few minutes. Then the guardian can control the life of the stranger. They can move them into nursing homes and sell their property to pay for the expenses. The costs are rolling in. How did the American judicial system cause such blatant injustice?

The movie satirizes this approach I care. One estimate It is 1.5 million American adults with assets of 273 billion U.S. dollars and is in the hands of guardians. There are few examples of caregivers evading arrangements.

Spears has the unique advantage of being a loyal fan, namely the free Britney movement. The lesson of her case is that the court should pay attention to disability and mental health issues, whether they are famous or not. The strongest restriction should be accompanied by the strongest supervision. Now, if you are fragile and rich in assets, the U.S. judicial system may not only be unable to protect you from villains, it may also facilitate them.

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