by the time COVID-19 lockdown Starting to launch, it is obvious that many aspects of our normal lives need to be changed or modified to adapt to the current reality.These changes have had a chain reaction, from What we wear Open how we pack up groceries. It also changed the beauty culture on social media—its influencers quickly adapted to this.

In a blink of an eye, Instagram videos and TikTok makeup tutorials for going out or creating the perfect “office” makeup were quickly replaced by beauty content with a “self-care” tendency. Just like that, the super-polished, facial primer, and filtering god outfits that dominate our feed give way to more and more people wearing robes and towel turbans. The Facetune-level contours seemed to disappear, replaced by a clean, dewy, bare face, with nothing on the face, only a set of disposable Chanel eye mask strips.

In order to find strategies to maintain mental health during the lockdown, “self-care” has become more important than ever. Bubble baths and homemade banana bread are all the rage, beauty tutorials uncovered views of elaborate celebrity skin care routines, and home wear has become, well, Daily wear. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) then launched her brand SKIMS underwear and shapewear, in order to adapt to this change-and made Kill.

Understated luxury”

Therefore, keeping up with the dynamics of Jones Online has a completely different meaning.The collective physical and emotional pain makes the identity signals and the usual symbols-designer clothes, pristine resort landscapes and luxury cars-feel Very inappropriateIn the spirit of sinking or swimming, influential people have no choice but to embrace this moment: a selfie of self-care. They turned to upgraded self-care products—usually below the $50 mark, but always much more expensive than what people find in drugstore brands—to convey a more palatable desire. Mariah Wellman, a social media researcher and doctoral student at the University of Utah, said this is a necessary move.

“Influential people are in a very dangerous situation, and COVID will not help,” Wilman said. “[But] Some of the most influential people are those who present themselves in online spaces. They are very good at distinguishing content that needs to be shared in order to be considered authentic. [Throughout COVID,] Most influential people are promoting self-care products that cost money, and yes, many of their followers have also bought these products and bought them. “

although FTC requires influencers When revealing when they use paid product placement to promote their brands, they often seem to buy certain products in the same way as ours.When Kylie Jenner too Seen Despite her makeup line, in Harry Josh’s iconic green wavy hairpin carry A similar product, it proves their caching. Lure even record on file Kaia Gerber’s selfies in the editing, even though they were placed by the hair stylist, set off Chained embrace Accessories.


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