Put the 1970 Ford Maverick aside 2022 Maverick, And it’s almost impossible to see any through lines.The original is a strange medley of old ideas about what an economical car should be, floating in a style space between subminiature (and much criticized) Pinto And sporty (but more portable) Mustang. successor?Compact all-in-one pickups, sharing bones with slim people Escape And strong Mustang Sports. In sheet metal parts, there are not many that can be connected. But in our opinion, the idea of ​​the original Maverick is also applicable to the new one.

This is the tone: an affordable, practical compact car with a certain style that can replace the Falcon and become the sales leader in the Ford series. Due to various reasons, Falcon’s sales declined, but mainly because its clumsy sheet metal did not play a role in the battle for the hearts of buyers. Maverick is no different under the skin, but its fresh sheet metal gives it a more fashionable and modern appearance.

In fact, it can be said to be a pony cart that looks better than the front Mustang II Appeared on the scene a few years later. But more importantly, its current size is just right, and it’s lighter than the bloated Falcon before. Initially, Maverick sold like a hypermarket, despite the fact that it is more like a decorative reimagining of the old platform, when the gasoline crisis hits, it will come back to bite it, its aging inline six cylinders and low-power V-8 The option is not cut. Likewise, as personal luxury goods have become fashionable, pony cars have become obsolete, and even the more formal Maverick sedans are not suitable. But during its operation, more than 2 million calves were sold, which is by no means shabby.

2022 Ford Maverick uses some of the same ideas as the original Maverick, but applies them to a shape more suitable for this era. First of all, this is a true compact pickup that has been unavailable for US buyers for some time. Although Falcon has become bloated in weight and inspired the lighter and lighter Maverick, the previously compact North American pickup truck has become bloated in size-the mid-size truck class provides powerful capabilities, but for buyers with more moderate needs It is a real compromise, space and budget.

The sales of traditional cars have fallen sharply and the sales of pickup trucks have soared. Maverick’s double-row cockpit shape may be regarded as the new normal. Of course, the pickup bed adds some popular practicality, but this is also the current trend.More importantly, the 2022 Maverick For all intents and purposes, is a direct replacement focus As a compact sales leader. This makes its position in the lineup roughly similar to the Mavericks in 1970. Ultra-compact EcoSport SUV Insert the pinto position. If 1970 Maverick uses the quasi-pony car style to help promote its basic transportation proposition, then 2022 Maverick uses its truck profile to do the same. Put a hard cover on the small bed, it is essentially a car with a spacious suitcase.

Compact pickups used to be the basic transportation for buyers who needed a range of functions: economy commuters, and they could also help with the kind of residential and commercial work that small utility vehicles excel at.There may be a company near you still using its fleet Old Ranger Compact Pickup Because of their size and capacity are suitable for this job. 2022 Maverick has an additional attraction because its basic power system is a fuel system Hybrid, Unless there are any accidents, it will be the cheapest on sale in the United States.

Maverick’s combination of the lowest price and shockingly good fuel economy-in the same package-will definitely arouse interest from fleet buyers, so maybe this small pickup truck will replace the old compact Ranger, where you are The town’s countless light truck businesses play a role. Maybe it will also fill up the driveway near you, replacing an aging compact car that is less practical and less fuel efficient than this small truck.

However, an important difference is that despite its name, Maverick in 1970 did not violate any conventions. That is a new suit draped on old bones. However, 2022 Maverick overturns the “bigger, better, and stronger” truck paradigm, betting that “efficient, cheap, and sized” will attract a class of buyers, otherwise it will be reached by medium-sized trucks. This is a bold move. We will see if it pays off.

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