After a race with some surprises there are several changes in the world championship standings. Some go up and others go down.

In the last positions are Latifi and Hulkenberg with 0 points, although one has two races and the other has played all of them.

Here is the first change, Lance Stroll goes down 19th and Albon goes up to 18th, both with 4 points, Albon goes up after scoring in this GP.

Zhou Guanyu is ahead of them by just one point in 17th. Zhou was far from scoring the last Grand Prix.

Yuki Tsunoda (16th) is 1 point behind Mick Schumacher (15th), both have 11 and 12 points respectively.

Pierre Gasly, despite taking 2 points last GP, is still in 14th place, although closer to the drivers who surpass him.

Daniel Ricciardo loses 12th with Sebastian Vettel, after a bad race for the Australian and a good one for Vettel.

Kevin Magnussen continues to hold on in that 11th in the world championship by only 2, 3 and 4 points, a fairly short difference.

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The big jump in the World Championship for drivers and constructors

From here, we take a big leap, since the 10th is Valtteri Bottas with 46 points, he lost the 9th with Fernando Alonso who has 51 in the world championship.

Esteban Ocon is 8th with 13 points more than them and Lando Norris is 7th with 76 points. He didn’t score last race.

After the abandonment of Lewis Hamiltonhe is 6th and with 146 points, he is 24 and 25 points behind Carlos Sainz who overtook George Russel for that 4th place in the world championship.

Charles Leclerc loses the 2nd with Checo Pérez by only 5 points. The Mexican has 191 and the Monegasque has 186 units.

Max Verstappen is the leader with 284 points, 98 over Leclerc and 93 over his teammate Checo Perez.


1. Red Bull Racing 475 puntos

2. Scuderia Ferrari 357 points

3. Mercedes AMG 316 points

4. Alpine F1 Team 115 points

5. McLaren 95 points

6. Alfa Romeo 51 points

7. Haas F1 Team 34 points

8. AlphaTauri 29 points

9. Aston Martin 24 puntos

10.Williams 4 points