It didn’t take long for the Carson Wentz era in Indianapolis to become a mess.

The Colts’ new quarterback is dealing with injuries that may keep him out for a while. The disease suddenly appeared during training on Thursday, July 30, and shortly thereafter the team and Wentz chose to repair the problem with surgery.

Now, the question is not how the former Hawks starter will perform on his new team. This is about when he will appear on the Colts field.

How long does Carson Wentz get out? How serious is his foot injury? Is this related to his previous injury history? The following is information about the Indianapolis quarterback situation.

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How long will Carson Wentz be out?

According to Colts coach Frank Reich, Wentz will be out for 5 to 12 weeks due to a foot injury. Stephen Holder of The Athletic reported that Wentz was removing a bone from his injured foot.

According to reports, Wentz initially hoped to avoid surgery. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Colts hope he won’t have to miss many (if any) regular seasons.

However, they will now sweat profusely for Wentz’s return. The five-week timetable will allow him to return before the first week of the Colts vs. Seahawks game. The 12-week timetable will exclude him before the end of October/early November.

If Wentz can’t return to the game before Week 1, the Colts will have to start one of Jacob Ethan, Sam Elinger, Jalen Morton or Hendry at the quarterback position. Hundley has the most NFL experience, and Eason has the longest time with the Colts as he enters his second season. Ehlinger is an excellent runner, so if Wentz misses time, he may participate in some competitions.

What is Carson Wentz’s injury?

Wentz is dealing with a foot injury he suffered in training for the Colts on Thursday. He was injured while practicing the transfer game.

Marcus Brady, the Colts offensive coordinator, said: “He was injured while on the team.” According to Indy Star“Preparing to throw, feeling a bit tingling in his feet.”

It is unclear which foot of Wentz was injured.

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Carson Wentz injury timeline

During the Colts training session on Thursday, July 30, Wentz felt “foot cramps,” said offensive coordinator Marcus Brady. The Colts are treating their newly acquired franchise quarterback injury with caution.

“He was with the doctor, trying to figure out what the process was,” ESPN’s Brady said. “Still evaluating what the next step is and how bad it is. Then we will start from there.”

On August 1, Rapoport reported that Wentz was seeking to avoid surgery. His plan was to “rest and recover” his foot injury.

However, only one day later, Rapoport confirmed that Wentz would undergo surgery.

The injury will leave him absent for up to 12 weeks, which means he will return to the game at the end of October/early November at the latest. In the best case, he can return to the game within five weeks, just in time for the first week of the game against the Seahawks.

Carson Wentz injury update

— August 2: Frank Reich confirmed that Wentz will undergo surgery to remove a bone from his foot. He will be out for 5 to 12 weeks.

— August 1: Rapoport reports that Wentz wants to avoid surgery. He will “rest and heal” his foot injury.

— July 31: The Colts signed with quarterback Brett Hendry.

— July 30: Garafolo and Rapoport report that Wentz needs minor surgery.

— July 30: Wentz injured his foot in training. Marcus Brady admitted that Wentz felt “feet tingling” and the team will assess the extent of his injury.

Carson Wentz injury history

Wentz has dealt with many injuries during his NFL career. In his five-year NFL career, he played only two full 16 games. He played all 16 games as a rookie and played all 16 regular season games in 2019. However, he was eliminated in the playoff debut that season because of a concussion after being hit by Jadeveon Clowney’s helmet.

Here is a brief introduction to the injuries that caused Wentz to miss time in his NFL career.

  • 2017: In the 14th week against the Rams, Wentz’s ACL tore. He missed the remaining three regular season and playoff games. In the absence of Wentz, Nick Foles led the Eagles to the Super Bowl championship.
  • 2018: Wentz missed the first two games of the season while continuing to recover from the torn ACL. He started 11 games before the Eagles shut him down due to a back injury. Once again, he was replaced by Falls.
  • 2019: Wentz played all 16 regular-season games, but was eliminated from the Hawks’ wild card game due to a concussion.
  • 2020: Wentz played only 12 games for the Hawks. After throwing the league’s highest 15 interceptions and suffering the NFL’s worst 50 sacks, he was taken off the bench to support Jalen Hertz.

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