Before the All-Star Weekend, the Warriors were dealing with a major injury.

Right fielder Ronald Acuna Jr. retired from the penultimate game with a right knee injury before the break. The 23-year-old Akuna had to be taken away after being injured, which happened when he tried to hit the ball on the right warning track.

Acuna is one of the best players in baseball, slashing 0.283/.394/.596 with 24 home runs this season before being injured. Atlanta led 44-44 in Saturday’s victory as it tried to keep pace with the Mets in the National League East.

Below are all the details about Akuna’s injury and the latest information about when he will be able to resume operations.

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How long will Ronald Acuna Jr. be out?

The Warriors confirmed Saturday night that Acuna had a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. He will miss the rest of the season.

Now, the question will be whether Acuna will be healthy on the opening day of 2022.

What is Ronald Acuna Jr.’s injury?

Acuna’s right knee anterior cruciate ligament torn. He landed on the warning track while chasing the flying ball to the right outer wall and was injured. When he tried to leave the field, his legs could not bear much weight.

Acuna had dealt with ankle, abdomen and back injuries before this season, but he played in 82 of Atlanta’s first 88 games before leaving on Saturday.

Ronald Acuna Jr. Injury Timeline

Acuna suffered a serious injury in the game against the Marlins on July 10. The Warriors confirmed later that night that his right anterior cruciate ligament was torn.

The injury occurred when Acuna tried to track down the right field wall of the Miami Jazz Chisholm. The ball flew over his outstretched glove. He fell heavily on the warning track and hit the wall after losing the ball. He didn’t get up.

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Acuna finally tried to walk away on his own, but he couldn’t do it. Before brave staff helped him return to the clubhouse, he had to be transported to an air-raid shelter. In this ordeal, Akuna is clearly depressed.

Ronald Acuna Jr. Injury Update

— July 10: The Warriors confirm that Acuna has a torn right anterior cruciate ligament and will miss the rest of the season.

— July 10: Akuna was sent off for an obvious knee injury. Warriors coach Brian Snitker (Brian Snitker) said the team will learn more about his state on Sunday morning.


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