Update: This article was updated on June 25, 2022, and includes the updated price of the Tesla Model Y Long Range, whose starting amount has increased by $500.

Everyone knows they are not cheap, but how much are each Tesla cost? There is a huge difference in price between the cheapest Tesla and the most expensive Tesla. The EV series is suitable for all budgets and expectations.

Tesla changes its prices and trim levels from time to time, but at the time of writing, you will find below the pricing information for each Tesla model and refer to the recent changes in prices. Unfortunately, the federal tax credit for Tesla cars has ended, but you can still take advantage of the state credit. Read on to find out how much you can expect to spend on the new Tesla.

How much does the Tesla Model 3 cost?

As the cheapest Tesla, Model 3 There are many things to offer, including a strong range and stylish styling. The rear-drive Standard Range Plus model starts at US$41,190, up from US$39,690 a month ago, including a destination fee of US$1,200. The estimated mileage of this car is 263 miles.

The Long Range model can provide an EPA-rated 353-mile range, starting at $50,190. The more powerful Performance model can manage an EPA-rated 315-mile range after being fully charged. The price has dropped from $58,190 to $58,190. 56,690 USD. Both Long Range and Performance models are equipped with all-wheel drive as standard, with a separate electric motor on each axle.

How much does the Tesla Model S cost?

All-wheel drive only Tesla Model S Much more expensive than Model 3. The long-endurance version is estimated to travel 412 miles after being fully charged, and will cost $81,190 again after a brief drop to $79,690.If you really want to go bankrupt, the price of the three-motor plaid will increase from US$119,690 to US$131,190 after the press release. Tesla will not produce a 520-mile, higher-performance Plaid+ model, CEO Elon Musk said it is no longer needed.

However, the price may be worth it. Although its driving range is expected to drop to 390 miles, Model S Plaid benefits from the manufacturer’s estimate of 0-60 mph in less than 2.0 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph.In our test, the lower power dual motor Tesla Model S performance with Raven software update Accelerate to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. This makes it the fastest production car we have tested in 2019-faster than the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The grid pattern is even faster! It is said that the stillborn Plaid+ model can provide more than 520 miles of cruising range, starting at $142,990; therefore, the price increase of Plaid is seen as a way for Tesla to bridge the gap between the previously independent Plaid.

How much does the Tesla Model X cost?

Famous for its “Eagle Wing” door, X SUV Is currently the most expensive Tesla. The Tesla Model X Long Range has an estimated range of 360 miles and is priced at US$91,190, which is US$1,500 higher than its recently listed price of US$89,690. The cruising range of the Model X Plaid has dropped to an estimated 340 miles, but like the Model S Plaid, it offers faster acceleration and higher top speed. After a brief drop to US$119,690, the starting price of this decoration was a jaw-dropping US$121,190.

Model X comes standard with five seats. A six-seater configuration requires an additional payment of US$6,500, and a seven-seat configuration requires an additional payment of US$3,500.

How much does Tesla Model Y cost?

Y type, Tesla’s Compact SUV, The basic remote model starts at $54,190, and the battery pack of this model can travel 326 miles estimated by the EPA when fully charged. Yes, Tesla’s pricing is like a roller coaster. In addition, Tesla also offers the Performance Model Y, which has an estimated cruising range of 303 miles and a price of US$62,190. Model Y comes standard with five seats; however, $3,000 adds a small third-row bench to the Long Range model, which increases the SUV’s seat capacity to seven. For another $1,000, Tesla added a tow hook, allowing users to take full advantage of the 3,500 pounds of towing capacity available in the SUV.

How much is a new Tesla sports car?

Tesla has ambitious goals New sports car: Reach 60 mph and reach a range of 620 miles in 1.9 seconds. Appropriately, the price will be around US$200,000. The Founder Series is limited to the first 1,000 customers and is priced at approximately US$250,000. At this price, Roadster is expected to become the most expensive Tesla in the lineup. As of now, Tesla is accepting Roadster reservations, but the official release date has not yet been announced.

How much does Tesla Cybertruck cost?

The typical transaction price of a full-size pickup truck is about $48,000, but Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t have to cost that much. This otherworldly truck is expected to start at approximately $39,900. Cyber​​truck price The dual-motor all-wheel-drive version will increase by about US$10,000, and the three-motor all-wheel-drive version will be about US$30,000 more expensive than the standard model.Find out How much does Tesla cost to build Cybertruck, with How much it might cost a buyer to insure. Like Roadster, Tesla is accepting Cybertruck reservations, but has not announced when it will start selling.

How much is a Tesla semi-trailer?

Tesla’s halfOrders have been received from companies such as Wal-Mart and JB Hunt, with an estimated starting price of approximately US$150,000. The founder series model is expected to sell for approximately US$200,000. Again, the exact sale date has not yet been announced. However, Tesla said it expects the first batch of semi-finished products to be delivered in 2022.

Fully autonomous driving capability

Tesla offers so-called fully autonomous driving capabilities as a $10,000 option. Tesla promises that this hardware package will one day allow the car to drive automatically without any input from the driver, but as of today, it is limited to advanced driver assistance systems that cannot achieve fully autonomous driving.

*Prices listed do not include available government incentives

How much does a Tesla cost?

  • Tesla Model 3-$40,190
  • Tesla Model S-$70,620
  • Tesla Model Y-$52,190
  • Tesla Model X-$81,190
  • Tesla Roadster- mt Estimated price: 200,000 USD
  • Tesla Cyber ​​Truck——mt Estimated price: $39,900
  • Tesla half mt Estimated price: 150,000 USD

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