While doing some research for this letter, I was surprised to find that “personal care and beauty” is often confused with statistics about market share in the health industry. Yes The beauty part of health?

I usually don’t think of, for example, plump Lip gloss As a health product.But I think it’s hard to ignore that the world of beauty and health is more integrated than ever. Some beauty brands have launched cross-border products, such as Natural deodorant Or biotin supplements, and more health products (including digestive enzymes and mushroom coffee) appear in stores such as Sephora and Ulta.

Product trends are good, but they cannot define movement. Although health is a state of happiness, “health” (and self-care) is the process of making choices for improving health. Although the term can be traced back several centuries, the concept of health as we know it can be traced back to the 1950s. Today, a Google search for the term produces more than 1 billion results.

The term has been adopted Conspicuous consumption In some circles (I hope it goes without saying that you don’t need pure gold dumbbells or emerald vagina eggs). However, we can all participate in many simple and inexpensive health practices, such as adequate sleep, physical activity, and eating a portion of broccoli from time to time.

More and more people are taking a proactive attitude towards their physical and mental health, which is really great. But health can only take us so far.In the words of my colleague Jenny Bailly, “There is no health without good and accessible healthcare.” The word “self-care” actually Can be traced back to the civil rights movement: Black women need self-care because they don’t get medical care.

Therefore, we focus this issue on the subject of health-body and mind. The country’s broken and expensive healthcare system puts millions at risk of problems that herbal tinctures and breathing training courses cannot solve. According to a survey, more than 13% of Americans (about 34 million people) said that in the past five years, friends or family members died because they could not afford the treatment of a certain disease. Gallup and West Health’s 2019 poll. The apparent racial inequality in healthcare has led to shocking consequences, such as mortality from chronic diseases and Black maternal mortality rate is higher.

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