Excel is a great tool for all your marketing needs. You can create charts to visualize your data, use formulas to calculate conversion rates, and even create social media calendars.

You can also monitor trends in your campaign data, and in this post, we’ll explain how to use the Sparkline tool to do just that.

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What are Sparklines in Excel?​​

Sparklines are charts in a single cell that visually represent trends in worksheet data. For example, if you track monthly progress, sparklines can show how each month compares to another.

You can add three different sparklines to an Excel spreadsheet: Lines, Columns, and Wins and Losses. The image below is an example of a line.

Excel Charts with Sparklines

In this walkthrough, we’ll use a sample data table (shown below) to track views, conversions, and leads generated by a marketing campaign‌.

excel sparkline sample dataset

Let’s see how to add your own.

How to Add Sparklines in Excel

1. Select the cells you want to represent in the sparkline. In this example, I have selected all cells between B2 and I2.

step 1

2. In the title toolbar, select insertThen Sparklines.

Step 2 - Mar-11-2022-07-58-56-52-PM

3. You should then see a drop-down menu where you can select the type of sparkline you want: Line, Column, or Win-Loss. I chose one line for this example.

Image 3 - Mar-11-2022-07-59-20-85-PM

4. After selecting your preferred chart, you will see a dialog appear (shown below).inside Choose where you want to place the sparkline frame Text field, enter the cell for which you want the sparkline.

Figure 4

Best practice is to place sparklines right next to the cell string you’re charting for, so you can get a complete visualization and quickly reference your data.

For this example, I have selected cell J2.

5. Your sparkline should appear in the cell you selected. The image below is a sparkline of my example dataset showing how the views of my campaigns have trended over time.

Image 5 - Mar-11-2022-08-00-13-53-PMBelow we’ll walk through the steps to create different types of sparklines.

Create column sparklines in Excel

If you want to use column sparklines in Excel, repeat steps one and two from above. When the sparkline selection box is open, select columns instead of rows. The following image is a column sparkline.

excel column sparklineIf you want a winning and losing sparkline, follow the same process. The image below is an example of this chart.

Win and lose sparkline excel

How to Ungroup Sparklines in Excel

If you want each row to have a different sparkline, you need to ungroup the sparklines in Excel. For example, if you want a line chart for the second and fourth row, but a column for the third row. Let’s review these steps.

1. Right-click the sparkline you want to ungroup. For this example, I right-click on column J3.

2. In the pop-up menu, select SparklinesThen ungroup.

3. Click on the sparkline you want to change, navigate to the Sparkline Title toolbar, and select Chart.

The image below is an example of what it looks like when you ungroup sparklines and use different charts.

Ungroup Sparklines in Excel

Format Sparklines in Excel

One of the benefits of using Excel is that you can always format the spreadsheet to your liking, and so does Sparklines. Let’s review some of the formatting changes you can make.

How to label data points in sparklines

1. Select the sparkline you want to edit and navigate to the sparkline title toolbar, then select your preferred data marker, as shown in the image below.

Label data points in excel sparklines

if i choose High Pointmy corresponding sparkline will have a marker showing the most viewed months.

Figure 8.2

How to Color Code Excel Sparklines

Select the sparkline to edit and navigate to the right side of the sparkline title toolbar, as shown in the image below.

Color code excel sparklinesYou can choose to change the sparkline color, the marker color, and the sparkline weight.

here you are

Now that you know how to create sparklines, you’ll be proficient at monitoring trends in your marketing campaigns, which will help you quickly see the success of your process.

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