New month, come on, everyone! Now is the time for a new start. New email campaigns, blog posts and social media strategies are about to emerge.

But, have we forgotten something? After completing the activities of the previous month, we need to pause for one second to check which ones are valid and which ones are invalid. You can’t just say that last month’s event was “great”—because “great” doesn’t pay the bill.

If you can prove that your marketing activities really have an impact on your business, then you will have more opportunities. More budgets, potential employees to join, and more ideas into action. Sounds like every marketer’s dream, right?

So, how do you first find the right metrics to use, and secondly prove your marketing return on investment to your boss? Why, of course, there are monthly marketing report templates. Click here to download our comprehensively improved PowerPoint and Excel templates, Read on to learn how to calculate marketing ROI through Excel and use them in real life.

Marketing report template

For example, if you have been running a $800 marketing campaign for three months, and you see an average monthly sales increase of 5%, while last month’s sales have increased by $10,000, then your ROI calculation can evaluate the trend: (10000-(.05*10000)-800)/800

In addition, if you are a HubSpot customer, you can Visit the ROI calculator Use the same formula programming in our program Customer relationship managementHowever, let us continue to analyze how it can be done for you in Excel with and without existing sales trends.

How to calculate return on investment in Excel

Entering formulas into Excel is a quick and easy way to solve any equation, and the return on investment can be calculated in a few seconds.For equations without pre-existing sales trends, you can easily insert a simple ROI equation in Excel, as shown below: (Sales Growth-Marketing Cost)/Marketing Cost

After you have collected the sales growth and market costs, insert the variables into their own rows or columns. When you are done, select a free cell to type the formula with your data.

Excel calculation of simple ROI formula

After completing these steps, press “ENTER” and you will calculate your return on investment. If the formula does not automatically calculate it as a percentage, make sure to record the result by selecting the Home tab> Number> Percentage.

Complete simple ROI calculation in Excel

How to calculate the return on marketing investment

Using more factors-or more realistic results-to calculate your return on investment is not necessarily a tricky feat.

For example, during a 12-month event, your team may discover an existing sales trend that is growing organically and can use it to determine a more precise return on investment.Insert this variable along with the original factors and enter them using the following ROI equation: (Sales Growth-Average Organic Sales Growth-Marketing Cost)/Marketing Cost

Marketing ROI formula in Excel

To calculate the percentage, press “ENTER” and you will get a more accurate return on investment as the basis for future marketing decisions.

Complete the calculation of the marketing investment return rate in Excel

Now that we have reviewed a few examples, let’s take a look at how to use your data and how HubSpot resources can make your marketing reports a breeze.

What metrics should you track?

First of all, which indicators should you focus on first? Not all indicators are equal, if you want to attract the attention of your boss through this PowerPoint presentation, you will need to tell your story effectively through data.Click on our Marketing indicator template And get tips on how to combine marketing reports.

How to create your own marketing metrics report

So now you know what indicators you need, but how do you customize PowerPoint slides to suit your business? Following these four steps, you will have an engaging, accurate and concise slideshow to show to your boss.

1. Download our Excel and PowerPoint monthly marketing report templates.

How to calculate the return on investment of marketing free templates

2. Open Excel and fill in the indicators you want to track.

The equations and graphs will be automatically populated based on the indicators you add.

Free monthly marketing report template

3. Copy the graphic and paste it into PowerPoint.

Free marketing template diagrams in PowerPoint

4. Customize your graphs and charts to suit your company’s theme.

After processing a bunch of numbers, you may need a creative break anyway. Click individual elements in the chart to customize them. If you really want to be interested in your speech, Check out these five simple PowerPoint tips.

Custom charts from free monthly marketing templates in PowerPoint

5. Add relevant examples to back up your diagrams.

If you really want to explain the success that your marketing team has achieved in the past month, don’t forget to include a slide involving specific examples here or here. For example, if you have a blog post that attracts a large number of potential customers in a month, you can include this sample slide and some key points after the “Marketing Leads” slide. These specific examples add color to your presentation and justify the time spent on future projects.

PowerPoint shows the conclusions drawn from the free monthly marketing report template

ROI Excel template

Excel is one of the best tools to track and calculate the return on investment on a regular basis.

Download our Excel and PowerPoint monthly marketing report templates.

In the above collection of marketing report templates, you will be able to fill in the following (and more) to suit your company:

1. Arrive

Excel template for calculating marketing range

In this template, you can calculate your marketing scope. For example, you can calculate the reach of blogs, emails, or social media.

Then, the chart below will help you convert the data into a visual chart.

2. Access

Graph for calculating website traffic

Using this template, you can calculate your traffic. This will include visits through multiple sources and channels, including paid traffic, direct traffic, and social media recommendations.

Then, the following figure will create a visualization of the data.

3. Clues

Excel chart to calculate marketing leads

In this template, you can enter the number of potential customers generated by a marketing campaign.

In the image below, you can visualize your potential customers based on their source.

4. Customers

Excel chart for calculating customers

In this template, you can count your customers by traffic source. In the image below, you can visualize your customers.

5. Conversion rate

Excel template for calculating conversion rate

In this template, you can calculate the conversion rate by entering your information.

Track your marketing better in Excel

Excel is a tool designed to help you start your business. It is an organized way to track the success of your team. Make sure to make the most of it, who knows, in a few months, you may have a bigger budget or brand new marketers.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in September 2013 and has been updated to be comprehensive.

 Marketing report template



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