Microsoft just announced This The first new full version of Windows in years, Introduced a new “Start” menu, translucent windows and Android applications, and many other changes. It won’t be launched until this holiday (when it will be launched as a free update for Windows 10 owners), but if you can’t wait, now there are some ways to get some of the best new features.

Everything we discuss here are optional third-party programs or features, you can download them, almost all of them are free. This means that even after the launch of Windows 11, they may continue to work. Some may be updated because the new operating system replicates their functionality, or they may be completely replaced, so keep this in mind when you try these. However, if you are an adventurous type who likes to try a PC, please continue reading.

Replace your start menu with something useless

The Windows 10 Start menu…very good. It’s ok. But it still retains the last trace of Windows 8. Live Tiles have never been so useful (this is why Microsoft stopped using them), without them, application icons don’t need to be huge squares. Combine this super inefficient design choice with a huge alphabetical list of applications, and it’s clear that the Start menu can be improved a bit.

Fortunately, there were better start menus in the past.This is the place of the app Start 10 with Start to return Come in. Start10 from the developer Stardock replaces the current “Start” menu with a menu that looks more like the old version of the “Start” menu, which will give priority to your most recently used or frequently used applications instead of alphabetical order Arranged lists or huge fixed applications.

If it’s especially the centered taskbar you are after, StartIsBack is similar to Start10, but you can also choose to center the taskbar icon. If you want to change the start menu and taskbar at once, this is a good all-in-one option. Fortunately, you can do only one of them.

Now get used to the centered taskbar

In the category of extremely small changes that may still cause a lot of controversy, Windows 11 moves the taskbar icon to the center, expanding outward as you add new icons. If you want to try this layout now, Central taskbar Will do it, and it will only do that.

The application is very simple and can center the taskbar icon, the Start menu icon, or both. It can also hide the taskbar, although it is already possible to automatically hide the taskbar on the desktop in Windows. In addition to these very basic functions, CenterTaskbar does not do much, which is good. No need to add a lot of bloat to your computer to get some new features. (Microsoft will do this for you.)

Run Android apps in the emulator

With the new Microsoft Store, Windows 11 finally has built-in access to certain (versions) Android applications (via Amazon Appstore, This is a whole). However, if you are really committed to using Android applications on Windows, you can always do it! Isn’t this neat?

One of the most common ways to achieve this goal is to use the name Blue Stack. Although the software is currently mainly aimed at games, it can simulate Android applications and comes with A huge catalog of apps and games You can download it to your computer. Since applications run through an emulator, they may not work the way you expect, but if you have been looking for a way to install Android applications on your favorite phone to your phone PC, This is a good choice.

Use Rainmeter to build your own widgets (and more)

Since Windows first introduced gadgets (now commonly referred to as “gadgets” by most wise people), there have been people customizing and creating their own gadgets that are better than the built-in gadgets in Windows. One of the most popular methods, Rain gauge, Has always been there, which means that the entire community can get inspiration (and download) from it.

Rainmeter is a very powerful desktop customization tool that allows users to create and modify their own skin mini widgets. These tools can be tools that monitor system performance, or they can be applications that display the weather or even control the music you are listening to.Some of the most basic functions are very common, you can Download skin For Rainmeter without having to create them yourself.


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