Halloween and makeup: name a more dynamic duo.The beauty of the holiday (except for the candy) is that you can create A complete outfit With Halloween face paint. Depending on your skill level, you can really make some horror movie-like things with the right color palette, prosthetic limbs, and a little fake blood.Using face painting to create a flawless and weird look is not necessarily scary-there are many easy ways Halloween makeup tutorial This will take you step by step through the entire process.

do you know Yes Terrible? Consequences of clumping on all heavy makeup. “Heavy makeup, especially silicone, polydimethylsiloxane and waxes, can clog pores and increase acne.” Lily Tarakub, A board-certified dermatologist in McLean, Virginia told Lure. Let’s be true, changing a face requires a lot of serious paint, after a night of weird Playing with your friends, removing all the makeup is not an easy task.If you are alone, things will become very hairy Sensitive skin.

We don’t want you to be caught on November 1st because of your complexion nightmare—stained skin, clogged pores, first sting of rash. That won’t work. Therefore, we asked professionals about the best tips and products for removing makeup after the Halloween carnival.

Choose your poison

A few years ago, your only real killer choice Halloween makeup Palette is to invest in some professional theater-level things, or go to the Halloween store to buy a cheap option. Unfortunately, the latter is often a nightmare for your skin.

“Some cheaper options contain more harmful ingredients, such as heavy metals, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, and petroleum jelly that may be unrefined and contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH),” Shaha |, A board-certified dermatologist in New York City, told Lure.

Those heavy metals are used to make deep, rich pigments in Halloween makeup, Erum Elias, A board certified dermatologist in Pennsylvania, share. So yes, these colors may look very bright on the pan and face, but it is wise to treat them with caution. “We are always worried that not only can [heavy metals be unhealthy] Use, but they can also cause a lot of irritation or allergic contact reactions,” she explained. “Some of the most common are nickel, cadmium, mercury, [and] lead. “


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