When you try Increase followers on Instagram, You rely on “exploration” and hashtag pages to expand your audience and reach. Therefore, when your content suddenly does not appear anywhere, you will feel very frustrated.

If you feel that your post suddenly receives fewer likes and comments, or does not appear on certain hashtags or exploration pages, you may be blocked.

From Instagram’s point of view, the hidden purpose “Inappropriate content Makes sense (although its implementation has been criticism.) Shadowbanning allows Instagram to filter out accounts that do not comply with its terms.Some people use unreal measures to expand their Instagram fan base, such as Buy followers Or use hundreds of hashtags that have nothing to do with their content. If this is the case, it makes sense for Instagram to hide content from these accounts in order to only advertise real and useful content to users.

Although Instagram did not publicly acknowledge the shadow ban, they issued a statement about them Facebook business page In February 2019, an issue where users did not display their content in certain hashtags was resolved.

Their statement at least confirms that the labeling dilemma is real-but many people speculate that the statement is Instagram’s way of acknowledging the shadow ban, but not actually.

Instagram for Business posted a statement alluding to the shadow ban on its Facebook page in February 2019

It is important to pay attention to Instagram Often change its algorithm, So these changes may be what you witnessed your Participation Rate.

However, shadow bans may be a real strategy designed to hide user content from the wider Instagram audience. If you are shadow banned, it is important that you take the necessary measures to make your content visible.

Let us explore how to know if you are banned by the shadow, and our techniques to get ourselves off the list.

Fortunately, there is a simple test to determine if your account is shadow-banned.

If one or two of your employees can see your posts, you may be just dealing with a decline in engagement. If this is the case, you can take some steps to resolve this issue.

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Although the above method is an easy way to test whether you have been banned by shadow, it may not be feasible for your business. Maybe you are the sole proprietor and employee of your small business. In this case, you cannot ask employees to check their hashtag feeds, and you may not want to ask your customers. Here are other ways you can test whether it has been shadowed.

Instagram shadow class test

There is no foolproof test to determine if you are blocked on Instagram. Although some tools claim that they can do this, they are not reliable. Instead, try the following steps.

Check your hashtag page.

If you check the page of frequently used hashtags and see a message that posts have been hidden, you may be blocked for using these hashtags.

Please check the message below for the hashtag “must follow”.Since users report that recent posts using this tag do not comply with Instagram’s community guidelines, Instagram may use this tag to hide your content (even if your content is Is not Violation of any guidelines).

The message that a post with the hashtag mustfollow has been hidden may mean that you have been blocked for using the hashtag on Instagram

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Check Instagram insights.

Watching Instagram insights, If you notice a sudden and continuous drop in engagement, you may have been banned by shadow. One of the best metrics to check is the percentage of accounts that have not followed you.

Take a look at the difference in “discovery” between the following two posts. This blogger duo has more than 70,000 accounts, of which 32% did not follow them, to more than 40,000, of which only 4% have not followed them. This drop reminds bloggers that their accounts have been shadowed.

A drop in discoveries found in Instagram Insights indicates that Instagram accounts have been banned by the shadow

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If you think you have been banned by the shadow, don’t worry-we have a solution for you.

Why am I blocked?

There are several potential reasons why your account may be shadowed. To ensure that this does not happen again, let us explore some of the actions you may take that lead to your shadow ban.

1. You use robots or other automated “Instagram growth” tools.

If you don’t work hard by yourself, you won’t really cultivate followers. Instagram disagrees with this—for example, in their statement above, they encourage users to develop a strategy that focuses on connecting with the right audience. The use of bots is a spam strategy and may lead to shadow bans.

2. You use broken hashtags.

Sometimes, popular hashtags are flooded with inappropriate content. When this happens, Instagram can delete hashtags or restrict their use. If you use a broken hashtag, it will prevent your other hashtags from ranking, and may also cause your account to be blocked.

3. Your account is frequently reported.

When users repeatedly report accounts, Instagram will think that your account has posted inappropriate content or violated their terms of service. They may disable your account, or they may block it.

4. You post, comment, participate or follow others too quickly.

Instagram sets a time limit on how often you follow, unfollow, like, comment, or post within an hour or a day. This makes sense-if you follow 80 people in an hour, it is likely that the robot is doing the job, not you.

These actions may help you increase your followers quickly, but they cannot help you connect with the right people, which is why you use Instagram in the first place. In addition, these actions may result in shadow bans, which can severely limit your contact with new audiences.

How to get Unshadowbanned

In order to get your account back to normal, you need to reverse the loss. That’s it:

If you use a robot or other automated service, please stop and delete it immediately.

To ensure that the account is not still associated with you, go to your desktop Instagram and click “Edit Profile”, then click “Apps and Websites”. If you see any robot accounts in the “Activity” tab, click “Remove” to remove them completely from your account.

Click the delete button next to bots or other automated services to unblock on Instagram Image Source

Remember, it’s better to have 100 followers who like your brand and buy your products than 1,000 followers who never buy your products or interact with your content.

Do not use hashtags that have been banned.

Have a look Markitor’s list of banned hashtags in 2022And make sure to remove all broken hashtags from your content. Here are some of the list:

Prohibited hashtags starting with the letter l should be avoided or deleted to remove the shadow on Instagram

Go ahead, be selective and be careful about the hashtag you choose. If you have any questions, please check the hashtag page-Instagram may post a message, such as “#summer2020’s latest post is currently hidden… “, this will indicate that you no longer use hashtags.

Rest for two days.

People report that using their Instagram account for a full 48-hour break can reset the system and get you back on track. Anyway, it’s worth cleaning up social media temporarily, isn’t it?

Follow the rules and regulations of Instagram.

Read and follow Instagram Terms of use, Community Guidelines, with Recommended guideSome notable points in these documents are:

  • Only share content that you create or have permission to share

  • Do not post false or misleading content

  • Share content suitable for anyone to see

The foolproof way to avoid Instagram’s shadow ban

The easiest way to avoid being blocked on Instagram is to post useful, authentic content and follow best practices when expanding your audience. It will take longer to do so, but win the game slowly and steadily-and will not be banned by the shadow.

BEditor’s note: This article was originally published in August 2019 and has been updated to be comprehensive.

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