CBD oil is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. It provides many of the benefits of the cannabis plant without the “high.” The benefits of CBD oil are many, such as helping you relieve anxiety, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and/or boost your mood. Figuring out how to use CBD oil is also very simple.

One of the great advantages of CBD oil is that there are multiple ways to use it, which is what this article is all about.

How to use CBD oil

As mentioned in the introduction, figuring out how to use a CBD oil product is very simple and easy. The only difference in using it is the type of product you will be using. CBD can take several different forms. Let’s move on to them and how to use them accordingly.

Pure CBD Oil Tincture

In fact, a pure CBD oil tincture is a mixture that you can put in your mouth by spraying it directly or using a dropper. This means you can use CBD oil as a tincture. If you choose to do this, you should place CBD oil under your tongue. This is because the area is rich in capillaries that can help speed up CBD oil absorption.

After placing the CBD oil, hold the tincture for about a minute and then swallow it.

CBD Capsules and Pills

There are several benefits of taking CBD oil in capsule form. First, you don’t have to taste the oil, which is great if you don’t particularly like the taste. Second, you also get a more accurate and consistent dose.

On the other hand, taking it in capsule form means you’ll be relying primarily on your digestive tract for absorption. Therefore, it may take about 30 minutes before you start to notice the effect.


CBD oil tends to have an aroma and taste. For the most part, it usually bears a down-to-earth character. So it could be a great addition to your smoothie. You can add half a teaspoon to your morning smoothie to help you get on the right track for the day.

However, if you don’t like the taste or aroma of CBD oil, you can mask it with other more flavorful or pungent ingredients.

coffee blend

Most people like the idea of ​​getting a boost from a CBD and coffee blend. On the other hand, the nervous effect of coffee is something most people want to avoid. If only there was a way to get this boost without minor side effects. Oh wait, there is one way, and that is with CBD oil!

You can take advantage of the calming effects of CBD oil to take advantage of coffee, and you still get an energy boost. You can mix a small amount of CBD oil directly into your coffee. However, this combination isn’t for everyone.

Another option is to use coffee beans infused with CBD oil.

green road cbd coffee

salad dressing

Olive oil is a popular addition to salads for its leafy and earthy aroma. You can try CBD oil as an alternative to salad dressings. You’ll enjoy a nutrient-dense appetizer or snack with the added benefit of CBD oil.

As a starting point, you can try mixing about four teaspoons of olive oil, two teaspoons of CBD oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Adjust, subtract or add ingredients until you find something you like.

CBD-infused gummies and candies

The beauty of CBD oil is that you can bake it into almost anything. This can be anything from brownies and cookies to fudge. If a baking recipe calls for oil, you can substitute CBD oil in most cases.

You can make mini treats and keep them in a bag or refrigerator. When you feel ready for a quick meal, your delicious CBD oil-infused treats are ready to go.

woman eating CBD gummies

make a balm or topical liniment

Another great way to use CBD oil is through a balm or topical rub. Generally, you need to mix it with coconut oil or beeswax, which makes it easier to apply to the skin. The beauty of topical rubs and balms is that you can use them topically to treat painful joints or muscles. Many women also claim that the balm can significantly help relieve menstrual cramps.

Due to the usefulness of topical rubs, this article will detail how to make a CBD topical. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

what do you need:

* 2 teaspoons coconut oil or cocoa butter

* 2 teaspoons beeswax

* 6 – 8 teaspoons carrier oil (eg avocado oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil)

* 1ml CBD oil

* essential oil (optional)

lotion in a jar

You will want to use a double boiler. In the bottom boiler, add an inch or two of water. Heat over medium-low heat. Then you need to add the cocoa butter and beeswax to the top boiler.

Stir frequently as the mixture melts to prevent burning. Once the two initial ingredients are melted and well mixed, add the remaining ingredients. This includes essential oils if you choose to use some.

Turn off the heat and let it cool down a bit. Then, before it cools completely, you need to transfer the mixture to your preferred container. It’s that easy.

How much CBD should I take?

If you’re just starting out, the recommended dose of CBD oil is about 20 mg per serving, up to 3 times a day. Then, you can slowly increase the dose over a few days. Just make sure you don’t take more than 70 mg a day.

Refrigerating your CBD oil is not good. Ideally, you want to store it in a dark and cold place, but not too cold.

The quickest and safest way to introduce CBD into your system is by inhalation (with the right equipment), then sublingually, dermally, and then the slowest, through the gut.


As you can see, there are many interesting and different ways to use CBD oil. This allows you to use different media to take advantage of it. Often, you can mix CBD oil into different foods and drinks. Alternatively, you can use it as a balm, tincture, or capsule.