The Southern Warriors defeated Birmingham Phoenix at Rod Stadium to become the first men’s champion of the 100s; Paul Sterling and Ross Whiteley used 168-5 to power James Vince’s team, and then bowling limited Phoenix’s score to 136-5; Liam Livingstone runs out of critical moments in the chase

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Southern Warriors celebrate winning the top 100

On Saturday night, the Southern Warriors won the 100s. James Vince’s team defeated Birmingham Phoenix at Rod Court, thus accomplishing what the women’s team could not do earlier in the day…

Game story

After Paul Stirling’s quick 61 shot and typical strong bowling performance allowed them to beat Birmingham Phoenix at Rod Stadium, the Southern Warriors became the first men’s champion of the 100s-Liam Livings Liam Livingstone’s shot was too short for the defeated team.

Sterling scored 6 six-pointers in 36 games at Rod Stadium, while Rose Whiteley (44 of 19 shots) scored his four highest points because of the bravery from Quinton De Cock (7) and Captain James Vince (4) recovered from an early dismissal and became a 35-ball 38-2 from their 100 goals to 168-5, with 138 pitches in the last 65 pitches.

The brave seamen Craig Overton and George Gatton then restricted the Phoenix’s first 20 goals to 14-2 to maintain the initiative-only Livingstone (19 shots and 46 losses) threatened to benefit Phoenix’s way of swinging the game.

However, the 28-year-old’s pulsating knock on the door ended the game politely-Tim David hit the goalkeeper’s end directly and threw the ball from the boundary-for the Midlanders It was a heavy blow, and they could only get their 100 goals to end 136-5 due to their five-game winning streak being cancelled.

Captain Moen (30 wins and 36 losses), Chris Benjamin (25 wins and 23 losses) and Benny Howell (14 wins and 20 losses) did their best, but the brave finally secured the ball with a convincing winner At least one team in the team tasted victory at home. cricket, The brave women’s team lost to the Oval Invincible in the final early Saturday.

Phoenix still has very weak hopes and needs to get 54 from 20 shots-but in the last 20 pitches, dead bowling experts Chris Jordan and Tamal Mills only admitted 21 shots, and Mills Only 5 of them were voted.

Phoenix’s loss was particularly serious for New Zealand’s fast-paced Adam Milne, who scored 2-8 out of 20 goals-in this powerful 25-goal match, he only lost 3 points out of 15 goals. .

Milne’s return is the second most economical batsman in this tournament. He batted all of the 20 balls, second only to the Northern Supercharger Mujib Ul Rahman. The score was 2-6 against Rod’s London Spirit.

Lightning live rock cut by David

We seem to be ready for Livingstone to create another game to win, similar to his quick over 90 goals against the Northern Supercharge earlier this week, and England’s victory against Pakistan earlier this summer. 42 balls T20I 100 balls.

The 28-year-old made a back-to-back leg-side six-pointer in his third and fourth legal shots outside of George Garton, and he scored 45 points from 18 goals. On entering, he also scored two highest points and four four-pointers. Shane Warne called it “Beast Mode.”

However, when David smashed the stump from the depths, he paid the price for messing around instead of running. Brave still needed 99 of the 55 balls at the time, and their most destructive batsman was in the cage. Facts have proved that this is a decisive moment.

Superb capture

The brave outfielder David caught a cork at the back point, while Gaton caught a nice roll catch deep in the middle, and a fan in a shirt claimed a belt in the crowd!


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