Robert Clark, the president of Husson University in Bangor, Michigan, recently tested positive for COVID-19 on an international cruise ship.

According to a university spokesperson, Clark is completing a 10-day quarantine at the hotel and will return to campus early next week, and then the fall semester classes will begin on August 30. He has been asymptomatic.

The cruise ship requires all passengers-including Clark-to receive a full vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test before boarding. During the voyage, passengers were tested every day, and Clark’s test was positive a few days after his travel.

This fall, this private university will require all current students to be vaccinated. As of last week, almost all Husson employees (99%) have been vaccinated, and 61% of students have submitted a vaccination certificate. Husson currently requires everyone, whether vaccinated or not, to wear a mask during indoor public gatherings on campus.


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