modern and That Announce them this week Memories Approximately 600,000 cars were produced in the 2016-2020 model year. The reason is that the luggage compartment latch design may break after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, causing the emergency unlocking device in the luggage compartment to become inoperable.

Kia said in its 2016-2019 recall safety report: “Under high temperature conditions, the pawl of the luggage compartment latch may have thermal cracks, which may intermittently cause the internal emergency unlocking device of the luggage compartment to fail. ” Strong Say. “Therefore, the relevant vehicle does not meet the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 401 §S.4.3(a). In rare cases, if someone is in the trunk and the latch pawl breaks, the person may not be able to get out of the trunk. come out.”

According to the Associated Press, the event covers 2016 to 2018 Kia Ford And passed in 2018 2019 Kia Rio, affim Hyundai Sonata From 2017 to 2018, Sonata Hybrid From 2016 to In 2018, Hyundai Accent From 2018 to 2020, and Hyundai Azeroth From 2016 to 2017.

Although this seems to be a very extreme and rare situation, the double-hit potential of a person trapped in a locked suitcase is sufficient to warrant a recall.

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