this 2022 Hyundai Elantra N should debut in North America New York Auto Show This week, but with the cancellation of the game later, modern Take the virtual approach again.

We have seen this car and know almost all the necessary details, So today’s more about viewing new photos and confirming North American specifications and features.The first set of photos shows Elantra N is in modern Performance Blue paint, but these images appear white. White paint only further accentuates its huge mouth. In these new photos, the design changes between the standard Elantra and N still look quite eye-catching, and we will retain the final aesthetic judgment to personally check the new look.

As for the important things, Hyundai confirmed the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 276 horsepower and 289 pound-feet of torque. Press the “N Grin Shift” button to increase the power to 286 horsepower by increasing the boost pressure, each lasting 20 seconds. Hyundai says that the interval between presses is only 40 seconds, so in theory you can use it on every lap on the track. However, you need to specify an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to get N Grin Shift power, because it is not suitable for a standard six-speed manual transmission.

We hope we can share more details, such as prices, Fuel economy And specific usability, but Hyundai missed these important details in its North American debut today. On the contrary, we can confirm that everything you read in the international version of the car is applicable to US-spec cars.

Hyundai cars are equipped with an electronic limited-slip differential to correctly adjust the front power.It becomes quite big brake (Front 14.2-inch rotor) with high friction pad-Hyundai even modified the brake dust cover to improve cooling capacity instead of clogging by dust. We can also confirm that all Elantra N will be equipped with mechanical parking brakes instead of electronic parking brakes. Hallelujah drifted into the sick winter.

The chassis and suspension are fully processed and can be used for N tasks. Hyundai integrates the drive shaft, wheel hub and bearing into a whole to provide a stronger and lighter transmission system. New, stiffer bushings are used throughout the suspension, and Hyundai says the use of dual composite insulators on the front suspension helps with handling and NVH. Use additional supports from front to back for better stiffness, and you will actually see one of the extra reinforcing bars painted in red in the suitcase. Of course, modern cars use electronically controlled adaptive dampers to dynamically adjust the damping.

There are not many advances in aerodynamics, but Hyundai promises that the rear wing can improve the stability of entering and exiting corners. It also has a larger underbody coverage to improve aerodynamic performance. You can choose the standard enhanced N seat, but Hyundai will also offer the optional “N Light Bucket Seat”, which is thinner and has a 10mm lower seat position.

Hyundai also confirmed to us that Elantra N will get a driver assistance system. The big ones include blind spot warning (with collision avoidance assist), rear intersection warning (also with avoidance assist), forward collision avoidance, lane keeping, lane following (keep the car in the middle of the lane) and automatic high beams.

The last tidbit we want to tell you today is a new slogan for Hyundai N.It’s simple: “Never just drive.” That’s pretty self-explanatory, it applies to Product Hyundai N Has been launched. As for this Elantra N, we are still not entirely sure when it will be officially launched. However, please stay tuned, because it won’t be too long.

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