This Electrification of the automotive industry Making all manufacturers move labels. The first is to find a market segment that will make it easier for them to implement the technology.SUVs were chosen because they fit best due to their size put a large battery between their shafts. Then they looked at sedans, which, albeit in the doldrums, have this technological edge. In addition to being lower and more aerodynamic than an SUV.

However, electrification has to be extended to all levels to be truly credible.This is where the brand is: for Extend technology (and cost) to lower segment models. Hyundai is one of the most advanced brands and soon it will launch a model that can check the waterline of the Volkswagen Group.its about Hyundai Ioniq 2, we propel you with this rendering

The future Hyundai Ioniq 2 will be the mini Ioniq 5 as it will replicate a lot of elements of its design…

Hyundai Ioniq 2 rendered by TopElectricSUV

Last time we told you new Hyundai Ionic 2 That was a few weeks ago.The reason is simple: all the rumors point to Its official debut and commercial launch will take place in 2024Well, starting from this foundation, some graphic creators start struggling to imagine what their designs will look like.they emerge from there render As we bring you today, to be fair, they look really good…

The creator and diffuser of this render is TopElectricSUV and shape it Inspired by Ioniq 5Obviously, because being part of the same family, Hyundai is likely to take advantage of the aesthetics of one of its most successful models.So this Ioniq 2 shares it with Rectangular optic or narrow grid divided into two parts. We also can’t ignore strong bumpers, side skirts or their trim.

modern i10

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Curiously, the renders of the future Hyundai Ioniq 2 have their own design details.Most notably one that affects frontal defense Horizontal band extending from side to sideAlso, it’s “coupled” to its older brother’s lineup by tracking alloy wheels. All in all, there is currently no information on how his back looks, although he still follows the path of the Ioniq 5 given his source of inspiration.

As for his technique, there is not much data nor specific. It is known that, Will use Hyundai and Kia’s E-GMP platform in its shortened version. Thanks to it, it will share more components and parts with the brother, which will allow the brand to set price. Presumably about 20,000 eurosbut there’s a lot more to come between now and its release…

Source – TopElectricSUV