Update on June 22, 21: The following transactions have been completed and Hyundai Motor has completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics.Hyundai owns 80% of the company’s shares and 20% of the shares are retained by “one of them” [the company’s] Subsidiaries. “

Hyundai Motor Company signed a $1.1 billion deal to acquire a controlling stake in the company Boston Dynamics, Robotics Company You probably know the makers of those disturbing four-legged robots that make the YouTube browser frighten and delight. (And which You can buy Only $75,000-Enterprise Edition or more. ) As a whole, these four-legged animals may have nothing to do with Hyundai’s car aspirations, but you can bet that this car manufacturer is pursuing robotic software.

You see, Boston Dynamics has long mastered the creation of walking, running, jumping and all-round horror-leg robots. It also applies to autonomy-these robots have autonomous capabilities, no different from self-driving cars or factory vehicles. This kind of artificial intelligence capability is particularly prominent in the eyes of Hyundai.

Although self-driving cars and trucks do not appear in any nightmarish YouTube videos that we know of, where they put pressure on humans who are less intelligent or dexterous than themselves, Hyundai Motors and many other automakers want to provide In the next few years, these vehicles will be provided to customers who are not afraid, and rely on them to be used in a factory environment. The programming knowledge and experience of Boston Dynamics in this field can prove to be invaluable to Hyundai, and even produce automated forklifts. Boston Dynamics already has a “warehouse mobile robot” that will be launched in 2022.

The cost of acquiring this technology for modern cars is not cheap. Its 1.1 billion US dollars of expenditure allowed it to obtain an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics, and the company’s current suitor, SoftBank, will retain a 20% stake. (SoftBank bought this kit from Google’s parent company Alphabet a few years ago.) But, will Hyundai Motors play with legged cars?We doubt it, although Hyundai did reveal some 2019 bizarre walking, four-legged movement conceptCompared with Boston Dynamics’ Spot, it is obviously not that disturbing.

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