Hyundai Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) has launched an extended warranty program for selected older models.Which includes Elantra, MD, Elantra Advertising, sonata, Tucson LM, Tucson TL, Santa Fe DM, with Starlight.

The problem is that the vehicle must not exceed eight years from the date of manufacture, and the total mileage in the fifth year from the date of purchase of the vehicle must be less than 300,000 kilometers. HSDM stated that the extended warranty period will work like a new car’s warranty plan, but it will need to be updated annually and will only cover mileage not exceeding 30,000 kilometers per year.

The cost of this is RM1,280 Once a year, it covers the main components of the engine, transmission, motor, vehicle modular components, and other electrical components. It also includes free repairs and parts replacement during the warranty period.

Please note that the underwriting limit for each claim is set to RM10,000, but if there is a problem, any component that has been claimed in advance can be claimed again (the total claim amount is RM50,000).

All vehicles registered under this extended plan must have a good service record at an authorized modern service center. Vehicle owners also need to send their vehicles for regular services according to the service schedule recommended by HSDM. Needless to say, if you repair the vehicle at a third-party repair shop, the warranty will be invalidated.

Currently, the program is only available in all Hyundai branches of Sime Darby Motors, but it will soon be extended to other authorized Hyundai service centers nationwide.You can contact Hyundai in the following ways 1300-13-2000 to know more information.



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