I have never called I was a reporter myself until Twitter made me me. I’m a lawyer, activist, and faculty member, but only by using the “reporter” tag can I get one of the most coveted assets on social media, the blue “verified” check mark. My months-long effort was verified and revealed a system against grassroots activists, especially the BIOC community.

Twitter Restart its verification process in May.It used to time out Since 2017, we have been verifying a Leader of the deadly white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Of course, Twitter should not normalize Nazi content. But after nearly four years of review, the labyrinth solution they chose is deeply worrying. Not only will the new system fail to prevent major hate spreaders from being verified, it will also exclude many BIOC communities they target.

under Twitter’s new standard, The verified account must be “real, compelling, and active.” Proving “authenticity” is as simple as using an official email account, while “activity” only requires a name, profile picture, and use of your account every six months. This is the question of who is derailing the “significant” thing.

For elected officials, anyone with a government website is eligible. Journalists have greater flexibility. Staff reporters can link to their personal information on the newspaper website, and freelance reporters can also submit three signatures from the past six months. Given that many freelancers publish more than three articles in a week, this is an incredibly low standard.

When it comes to activists and organizers, Twitter’s rules have suddenly changed. Some of these requirements are undisputed, such as the rejection of accounts that primarily engage in racial or religious harassment, and groups that promote white supremacy. great! But this is only the first step.

Next, activists must meet a series of requirements, such as proving that we are in the top 0.05% of users in a region or creating a popular hashtag. Most importantly, we must also have a Wikipedia page, Google Trends profile, or multiple “featured media references.” What counts as a “feature”? Twitter never said. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.

When I first applied for verification on Twitter as an activist, I could point out my leader Stop, An internationally recognized privacy organization. Nevertheless, two decades of anti-police activism, hundreds of protests, and thousands of published speeches, I was quickly rejected. Fast forward a month, and I inserted some of my recent columns, and voila, verify. I am fortunate to have enough review articles to be a “journalist”, but many activists are not so lucky.

This standard will make it impossible to hear everyone except the most high-profile activists. Many people who have reshaped the national discussion about racism and police violence are again told that their voices are not important.

When Angela Lang, the founder and executive director of the Civic Participation Organization in Milwaukee, group, Decided to tick, and she thought “I have done enough. Let’s see how to verify.” Although Lang and Bullock have done a nationally recognized work on the participation of black citizens, she found that she was turned away. . When Detroit activists and Data 4 Black Lives national organization director Tawana Petty applied, Her request was quickly rejected. In refusing to verify her posting on the platform, Petty said: “It’s incredible that creating a popular hashtag is even a requirement. This process completely ignores the reason why so many of us want to be verified. “Petty told me, “I still worry that my page may be copied and my contacts will receive spam.” Previously, she was forced to close pages on other social media platforms to protect her relatives from such Abuse.

According to anti-racist economists King Clayton, Verification is important because “that blue check automatically means that what you have to say is valuable without it, especially if you are on the front lines, especially if you are a black woman, you will be questioned.” As Lang said, “Verification is another way to promote these voices as trusted messengers.” Virginia Eubanks, associate professor of political science at the State University of New York at Albany, said Automation inequality“The blue check has nothing to do with society-it is a security issue… Someone cloning my account may make my family or friends vulnerable… and may allow potential sources to be manipulated.


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