Will there be a Big Ten team in 2022 that can match Ohio State’s 40-point offense?

The Buckeyes have surpassed this score in each of the past four top ten championship seasons, leading the conference in scoring. In these four years, only one other school averaged more than 40 points in a season.

Since Joe Moorhead left at the end of the 2017 season, Pennsylvania State University hopes to bring a third different coordinator back there this season.

“I want to go back to Joe Moorehead, yes, I think it’s similar to that,” Pennsylvania State University coach James Franklin Speaking at Penn State University Media Day on August 7“I think if you look at it, even if we came here from Vanderbilt for the first time, we had a lot of communication concepts. Then we took it to another level with Joe. You know, we’re back to that . This is the kind of person we have always wanted to be.”

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In the 2016 top ten championship season and the following year in 2017, Moorehead was the OC of the Nittany Lions, including Trace McSorley, Saquon Barkley and the offense that can really threaten the Buckeyes on the court. In 2017, Pennsylvania State University rivaled the Buckeyes with 41.1 points per game.

Penn State’s offense against Ohio State University since 2017

Pennsylvania State University Ohio
year PPG rank PPG rank
2016 37.6 twenty one 39.4 13
2017 41.1 7 41.1 6
2018 33.8 32 42.4 8
2019 year 35.8 15 46.9 3
2020 year 29.8 54 41 11

Since then, Penn State has been adjusting Ricky Rahne (2018-19 season) and co-offensive coordinators Kirk Ciarrocca and Tyler Bowen (2020 season), hoping to reignite the 40-point offense. Now, the challenge falls on Mike Yurcich, the pass coordinator of Ohio State under Ryan Day in 2019.

Franklin insisted that Penn State had the same offense. So, what has changed now?

“This is a presentation,” he said. “Whether it’s squeezed together or not. Whether it’s queuing in multiple sets of people, or multiple sets. Whether it’s empty, no matter what it is, it is the packaging of how you put them together. This very funny.”

The Nittany Lions returned to the three-year starter Sean Clifford as a quarterback, and SN preseason national catcher Jahan Dotson Teamed up with Parker Washington on the perimeter. Can Yurich bring this deep threat element back to Penn State’s offense?

“It’s very interesting, everything in football is relative,” Jusic said on August 7. game. Therefore, I think this is one of the very important aspects and should not be ignored. “

“When everyone in the stadium knows that you have to run the ball and need to be able to run the ball, you want to be able to run the ball,” Franklin added. “Whether it’s in the red zone or short yards. When this is a four-minute offense, we want to make sure we can serve all the different masters.”

Nittany Lions has a running back committee that includes Noah Cain, Keyvone Lee, Devyn Ford and Baylor transfer John Lovett, and an experienced offensive line led by tackle Rasheed Walker. That group needs to be better.

This is the cast that Franklin and Jusic are shaping to reintegrate into the Buckeyes. Pennsylvania State University lost one point to Ohio State in 2017 and 2018, but the Buckeyes won the last two meetings with a double-digit advantage. It is no coincidence that Penn State’s offensive ability has declined in the past two seasons.

“It’s fun to study with Mike and study with Mike,” Franklin said. “Obviously, we have similar backgrounds. We are all people who played at PSAC and we have coached at PSAC. His career has jumped a bit, right? He went from Shippensburg to Oklahoma State University. “

This marked a pivotal year for Penn State University. Last year’s 0-5 start may issue a pandemic pardon, and the Nittany Lions ended the season with four consecutive victories.

The offense must also click as early as possible. Penn State started the 12th place in Wisconsin and played at home with Auburn two weeks later. Before heading to the fourth-ranked Ohio State University on October 30th, a ranked matchup was played against the 17th-ranked Indiana and the 18th-ranked Iowa.

So, can Nittany Lions return to Joe Moorhead’s standards so quickly?

“The 2016 offense was great, but it took a few weeks to happen. So, what are your actual expectations for this offense in the early and mid- to late seasons?” Franklin said. “Well, you know, according to our schedule, it’s better to go early, right? I think everyone knows this.”

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