The original Ranger Splash ushered in more color options in the 1995 model year, and our proposed Maverick Splash uses a deep purple-blue hue, inspired by the original Ranger Splash’s sapphire metallic paint code.Compared with the five-spoke steel wheels or deep-disc cast aluminum wheels on the original Splash, we have added a set of five-spoke wheels from Maverick SUV related products Mustang SportsThe eye-catching contrast graphic is a return to the original Splash’s wavy side stripes. In order to pay tribute to the exterior elements of the same color of the body, the horizontal bars across the Maverick grille also use the same color of the body.

We considered performing some virtual operations on the bed to make it Flareside, but unlike the old body frame Ranger, the new Maverick has a one-piece structure. This means that a lot of engineering (and factory remodeling) is required to stamp a new body shell-something Ford, even if it restores the splash as a decoration, it will almost certainly not do so.

Although the Ford Ranger Splash can only hope to look sporty (although to be fair, it does have a slightly lowered and retuned suspension setting), our theoretical Maverick Splash is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter “EcoBoost” quad available. Cylinder engine, it is likely to match its dynamic appearance with powerful performance. Although we doubt whether Ford will add any power to Splash’s stables compared to ordinary Maverick EcoBoost, it may be suitable for colorful Maverick models with a slightly sporty suspension setup (well, that’s what we imagined).

Maverick is already pretty good More bold colors, such as Cyber​​ Orange and Velocity BlueBringing back some traditional colors, such as the interesting purple blue on the Maverick Splash we imagined, and the red and yellow that are more typical of the original Ranger Splash, may be Ford’s clever way to bring additional streets to attract new compacts Pickup.

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