Honda Has begun to roll out in 2022 seven-seater pilot Cross, emphasize “beginning”. The basic LX and EX decorations currently available will not make a leap next year, and Honda has not yet introduced alternative decorations. It is possible that only one new entry-level model will replace the LX and EX. Honda wrote in a press release that this fall will usher in “a new, well-equipped entry-level model for young buyers and an active lifestyle, offsetting LX and EX entry trim levels that are no longer available.”

The part about catering to young buyers with active lifestyles is interesting, because the route two years ago was created by Honda passport For that population. The 2022 Passport starts at $34,015, which is $240 higher than the 2022 Pilot LX. We now want to know if Pilot shoppers will look at Passports on the other side of the showroom floor and say, “Do you have three rows?”

The current trim reorganization means that the 2022 Pilot front-wheel drive EX-L model starts at $40,285 and the destination fee is $1,225. Another news that affects the wallet is that by 2022, the Pilot price of the five existing decorations-EX-L, Special Edition, Travel Edition, Elite Edition and Black Edition-has risen by $400 across the board.

In terms of features, the new basic model will abandon the 5-inch infotainment screen and lack Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. Honda said that it is developing the entire series of 8-inch touch screen and smart phone integration standards. Larger display screens and phone integration have become standard features of higher-priced models.There will be new ones too Sonic Grey pearl appearance colour It will also be available this fall, but we don’t yet know if this will be a free option or one of the premium colors priced at $395.

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