To prevent the Covid-19 outbreak this fall, universities should conduct surveillance tests on community members who have not been vaccinated. Guidelines From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.West Virginia University Back to school plan Do this: Students, faculty, and staff must upload certificates of vaccination or test negative for coronavirus, which are issued within 48 hours of arriving on campus.

If many people just don’t comply, what will you do?

The deadline is this Friday.in a statement On Tuesday—the day before classes start—the university announced that more than 8,500 members of the campus community did not meet these two admission requirements. “We hope that by the deadline of 3 o’clock on Friday, this number has been around for some time, and this number will drop significantly,” said Rob Alsop, vice president of strategic planning.

If not? “I think this is one of the really under-discussed parts of all of this,” said R. Scott Crichlow, associate professor of political science and chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee. “If many people just don’t comply, what would you do?”

West Virginia is not the only institution with this problem. According to CDC recommendations, many universities have similar Covid admission requirements. In some institutions, this means having thousands of students and employees submit their information. If they do not, it means that thousands of people have entered campus with uncertain coronavirus diagnoses. If some people are infected without knowing it, they may cause an epidemic.Last fall, several universities experienced a surge in infections in the United States
First week of semester
, Because the students gathered on campus without an entrance test, and there was no Covid vaccine at the time.

Wednesday, Louisiana State University Release number It shows that more than half of its registered students, or about 19,000, have not yet met their entrance requirements for vaccines or tests. Many of them may not be on campus yet. A spokesperson for Louisiana State University, Ernie Ballard III, wrote in an article that some LSU students may have their first face-to-face class on the evening of August 25. Ballard wrote that at the same time, as of Wednesday, about 40% of the fraternity and sorority members had not met the requirements.hurry Start Thursday.

Ballard wrote that the LSU administrator will contact students who do not comply with the admission agreement and ask them to comply. If they fail to do so, they will be referred to the university’s disciplinary procedures for violating the student code.

In West Virginia, Alsop also stated that leaders are ready to bear the consequences. He said that after a “grace period of several days,” employees will be disciplined and students will be subject to judicial detention. This means that students cannot obtain grades, transcripts, certificates and diplomas before submitting the required Covid information. Usually, they can still register and take courses. “However, each case is handled separately, and we may increase sanctions in consideration of health and safety,” the university spokeswoman April Kaull wrote in an email road.

When asked whether setting thousands of reservations would have an impact on the campus, Alsop said, “I mean, yes, if we have 8,000 student accounts reserved, it will be a very important thing. “

Scott W. Wayne, the elected chairman of the Senate and associate professor at the Statler School of Engineering and Mineral Resources, declined to comment on whether he believes the government can implement its Covid requirements. Political science professor Crichlow said: “As teachers, we know nothing about many things. It’s nice to know that they have these goals, but they usually don’t necessarily share in detail what they are doing step by step to achieve these goals.”

As it prepares to open face-to-face autumn in recent months, West Virginia University faces several challenges in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. Managers decided not to use the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory, believing that such a policy would cause too many counterattacks, Alsop Tell chronicle in May. Instead, they set a goal, first stating that they hope to immunize 70% of campuses by August 1st, and then reach 80% by September 1st.As of Tuesday, 67% of employees and 68% of students have been vaccinated Report Being vaccinated.

The leaders of West Virginia state that if the September target is not achieved, they will introduce “additional law enforcement and safety agreements for people who have not been vaccinated.” Once the Covid vaccine is fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they will “re-evaluate” whether vaccination is mandatory. On Tuesday, the university announced that it would require everyone to wear masks in classrooms, regardless of their vaccination status, partly because fewer people reported being vaccinated than expected.


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