Car companies rarely get involved in food (Except for Volkswagen, which has been producing sausages Over the years, and Even ketchup), according to your point of view, this may be a tragedy or a victory. under these circumstances, Chevrolet and Guy Fieri, a famous car enthusiast Piece together famous ingredients Chevrolet Commercialization is one thing. The result is an apple pie hot dog, as shown in the picture above.

Car Connect is arguably Chevrolet’s most famous advertisement: “Baseball, hot dog, apple pie, and Chevrolet.” It connects people with the most relevant things in the U.S. and automakers through simple, engaging choruses and slideshows of all these projects. . You can view it above.It even produced an Australian version Holden Known as “football, meat pie, kangaroo and Holden Motors,” you can see below, because you really have to watch it.

In any case, all this is accompanied by Fieri’s Apple Pie Hot Dogs, Chevrolet’s entrustment of these dogs, and the facts they will provide at the “Dreamland” baseball game in Iowa on Thursday, August 12. The hot dog looks like someone stuffed a sausage in the middle of McDonald’s apple pie crust, which is not far from reality. Between the pie crusts are hot dogs, bacon jam and, yes, apple pie filling. Mustard is even a mixture of apple pie filling and yellow mustard (ie, literally put in a blender).you can see The entire recipe in this link If you want to try to create it yourself, Fieri shows its combination in the video below. We are still skeptical, but the more adventurous people in our office might try it at least once.


Have you ever wondered what dreams are like? You are lucky. Guy Fieri is here to show us how to make #ApplePieHotDog.

♬ Apple Pie Hot Dog-Chevrolet

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