Andrew Cuomo update

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed many women, violating state and federal laws, and a sensational investigation has ended.

State Attorney General Letitia James, who appointed investigators, said their five-month investigation revealed “deeply disturbing but clear pictures” of toxic workplaces. Como Abuse current and former employees by groping, kissing or touching their wishes, and bombard them with pornographic comments. Among the alleged victims was a state trooper who was assigned to the governor’s security details.

According to James, the governor and his staff also retaliated against at least one complainant by sharing negative information about her with the media and trying to discredit her reputation.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the lawyer conducting the investigation for the attorney general recounted many incidents. Cuomo allegedly grabbed the chest or buttocks of a former administrative assistant, or stroked a soldier’s spine with his fingers and touched her abdomen .

In one incident, the governor allegedly told an assistant: “If you are single, I will do something to you.” Lawyers say this behavior is not only an embarrassing or clumsy emotional attempt, but also illegal. .

Cuomo responded in a 15-minute speech, in which he continued to strongly deny the allegations that have plagued him since the former state economic development official Lindsey Boylan (Lindsey Boylan) appeared in court in February.

“The facts are very different from what is portrayed,” Cuomo said, urging people to refer to his rebuttals in the Attorney General’s report posted on his website. “I have never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual teases.”

Cuomo blamed his situation on the media, political enemies and other culprits, and said that those who promote false accusations are discrediting victims of sexual abuse. He did not answer any questions.

The governor did apologize to a plaintiff, Charlotte Bennett, a former assistant who claimed that after telling him about her sexual assault, he continued to ask suggestive questions about her sex life , Including whether she is willing to establish a relationship with an older person. man.

Cuomo said that he thought of a family member who was beaten up, and just wanted to help: “Charlotte, I want you to know, I’m really sorry.”

The governor of New York has repeatedly denied allegations that he sexually harassed women, even though he has apologized in the past for actions that may make people feel uncomfortable. He has been raising funds for next year’s fourth term election campaign.

For months, civil investigations have been looming over Cuomo, the three-time Democratic governor Famous throughout the country In recognition of his strong handling of the first few months of the Covid pandemic.

The report led to another call for Cuomo to resign. In March, most of the state’s congressional delegation and two U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Ask him to step down, Said Cuomo had lost the trust of the people of New York because several women came forward and accused him of harassment.

Following the release of the report on Tuesday, Schumer and Gillibrand issued a statement calling Cuomo’s actions “deeply disturbing, inappropriate and totally unacceptable”. The senators stated that they “continue to believe that the governor should resign.”

When asked what would happen next, James said that the publication of the report meant that her work on the matter had been completed. “At this point, we will allow the chips to fall where possible.”

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