Red pig? Invincible fleet? How about staying the same with the Washington football team?

The Washington Football Team announced in its latest YouTube video that it has narrowed the list of potential options for the new name to three options. build up a brandHowever, the team eliminated three finalists and showed eight possible name options to a group of fans who watched the name and logo on the scoreboard from inside FedExField.

The options are: President, Brigade, Red Pig, Washington Football Team, Commander, Fleet, Defender, Red Wolf.

“We have a very diverse fan base. When we interact with people, we see a beautiful commonality. Resilience. Courage. Tradition. Nobility. History. Pride. These are the things that unite us. “Jason team chairman Wright said in the video. “So our new name and logo should allow this spirit to continue. This is our commitment to move forward and our commitment to our fan base. No matter where we go, we will go together.”

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Wright pointed out in the video that the team initially submitted 40,000 submissions through WashingtonJourney.com, and then the team has narrowed it down to a smaller number. He said that this allowed the team to understand the way the public and fans want to see the team move forward.

At the end of the video, Wright showed three different options to coach Ron Rivera, even though each name was beeped.

“The three to be experienced are [bleep], [bleep], [bleep],” Wright told Rivera. Then the two agreed that they both liked [bleep].

Washington Football Team announced in July 2020 It will change its name from Redskins to another name. It played under the name of the Washington football team last season and seems to be playing under that name again in 2022.No timetable is given for when the new name will appear, even if Plans for a new stadium are being made.

Washington is not the only professional American sports team undergoing a brand change.The Cleveland Indians announced last month that they will Change their name to guardian After only a few months of searching.


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