Painting invitation: 99 painting tips to stimulate children’s creativity Author Jean Van’t Hul or Clever parent blog The enticing and beautiful painting tips worthy of the name will inspire children’s painting inspiration and use their imagination.

Jean wrote: “Drawing hints can be used as a magical solution for creative participation.

My teenage daughter agreed, “I would love this book very much when I was a kid!

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Jean uses drawing prompts with her own children and her art students—giving them an empty picture frame and a simple drawing prompt—usually with a written question.

She wrote in the introduction that she noticed how prompts helped spark inspiration for the drawing almost immediately—this didn’t always happen when she left out a blank page without prompting.

I like her to share her immediate thoughts with us and our children-so that we can also let our children think and paint creatively.

Invitation picture book

This Lottery invitation This book includes 99 drawing tips. The drawing hints are only framed and printed on one side of the page, so if you use a marker, paint, or pen, you won’t damage the other side-I like this.

Even better, these pages are perforated, so you can tear them off and use them without the entire book.

Drawing tips from invited drawing

In the introduction, Jean explained her criteria for drawing prompts-and then needed to stimulate imagination, starting from the smallest basic drawing, including a lot of blank space, open-ended, and at the same time attract the visual and analytical parts of the brain, attracting many different Way of thinking.

Does this sound very thoughtful and great?

Invite creativity with exquisite picture book invitations

For example, the title of a triangle filled page is Triangle Art, which says “Create your own abstract artwork by filling triangles with different colors.

There is a blog shape in the middle of another page with the title “Monster Roll”. It says, “Roll the dice to determine how many to draw on your monster: eyes, arms, legs or tentacles, teeth.”

use Lottery invitation As a family or in class.

First, set up a drawing prompt and art tool for children to find and create.

Another idea is to put some waiting room, restaurant or travel invitations in your bag.

If your child has quiet time, this is a great activity. (And add audiobooks for more fun!)

Of course, there are more ways to use these tips, including as gifts, group activities or collaborative drawings via email.

Sample page

Want to view the drawing tips for yourself?

Each invitation includes a photo frame with a few lines of pictures and questions or tips.

Download a free 5-page printable sample

Drawing tool recommendations

what Drawing tools You should use Lottery invitation?


Here are some of our favorite tools.


Crayons can help young children draw smooth lines easily.

Colored pencils

Always a favorite of my children, colored pencils provide artists with shade options that are not available with markers.

Crayola Pip-Squeaks washable marker
This carrying case allows you to easily carry your marker anywhere. The washable marker is a must-have art and handicraft gift for young creative children!

Crayola thin line marker

A set of thin line markers can’t go wrong. My kids usually prefer these to create more precise shapes and images.

This is the book you want to own, perfect for summer (or any time)!

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Invitation to draw, children's drawing tips book

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