Iran hopes to cut energy consumption by at least 40% this winter

Iranian energy authorities have announced that the country will stop mining cryptocurrencies at authorized centers to offset increased energy consumption during winters. Iran is one of the world's top crypto mining countries, accounting for about 4.5% to 7% of the global Bitcoin hash rate.

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, chairman and managing director of Tavanir, Iran's network management company, said the decision to close crypto mining centers for the second time this year was taken last month.

The president explained that the government intends to reduce the consumption of liquid fuels in every way possible to support energy consumption amid decreasing temperatures in various parts of the country.

Iran had already issued a temporary ban on crypto mining earlier this year, citing peak levels of energy demand due to high temperatures. The ban was lifted in September, after the network had stabilized.

According to the local news agency The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Mashhadi explained that:

“The Ministry of Energy has been implementing measures since last month to reduce the use of liquid fuels in power plants, including cutting the power supply for licensed cryptocurrencies, turning off light poles in less risky areas and strict supervision of consumption. ”

While this ban can be implemented at authorized mining cryptographic centers, the fight against illegal mining will continue in Iran through the winter months. Local energy authorities announced last month that more than 200,000 mining devices have been seized for illicit mining since regulations were established in the country.

Local reports revealed that more than 70% of the fuel consumed in Iran is used to heat buildings during the winter. The government plans to use new energy-saving measures, including banning crypto mining to reduce the country's energy consumption by at least 40%.

The executive also explained the need to save energy in the country and called on people and industries to reduce as much as possible the consumption of electricity and gas.

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