An Irish-themed brewery is looking to open in Boston’s southwestern suburbs.

Irish Brewing Boston plans to open in Norwood, taking over the Percival Brewing Company space on Morse Street at the Norwood Space Center, according to sources. An earlier Patch article stated that the company will serve coffee in the morning and craft beer (and packaged snacks) from noon, with manager Carl Sharpley mentioning that “this is a new concept; it’s a first of its kind. It’s an Irish theme, an Irish American theme.” The 5,000-square-foot space will have about 140 seats and a small production area for beer-making, and it’s hoped it will be available in the summer months. There’s outdoor seating and a smoker for the month — and Sharpley might also be looking to sell beer from the brewery in Ireland, partnering with Castle Island Brewing Company to “co-brand Norwood Brewery’s beer.”

Percival Brewing Company’s website says it is looking to reopen at another location.

The address of the upcoming Irish Brewing Boston is 83 Morse Street, Norwood, MA, 02062.Its website can be found at