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curse! The truth, or fake news?

In 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh while excavating in the Valley of the Kings Tutankhamun. This is an amazing discovery. For 3300 years, the king has been lying in his secret tomb, unaffected or forgotten. Is it any wonder that the opening of the mausoleum quickly became the biggest news story of the year?

Reporters from all over the world camped at the entrance of the tomb, waiting to see the sparkling discoveries that are being made. But some people warned not to disturb the grave. They believed that the ancient priests imposed a fatal curse on it, and the curse would retaliate against any intruder. Howard Carter thinks all this is nonsense. But shortly after he opened the tomb, a series of mysterious deaths and strange accidents occurred. Are they cursed? Many newspapers reported that they were. Many readers believed them. The following are some of these events.

You decide: truth or fake news?

In 1923, the wealthy American financier George Jay Gould visited Tutankhamun’s tomb. He fell ill inexplicably the next morning. The doctors are confused. What caused the man’s cough and persistent fever? Despite all the treatment, Gould became weak. His relatives gathered in his hospital bed. He breathed heavily, claiming that “Pharaoh’s soul” surrounded him. He also claimed that Anubis, the mummy and god of the afterlife, was taking breath from his lungs. When Gould died on May 16, 1923, some newspapers reported that he was killed by the curse of the mummy. They said that his recent visit to the tomb proved this. The truth, or fake news?

In April 1939, the exquisite silver trumpet taken from the tomb of Tutankhamun was broadcast on the radio. It is said that the young king himself used it to summon his troops to fight. However, since the sound of the musical instrument, thousands of years have passed. The unforgettable monophony of the ancient trumpet reverberates in the radio waves and is heard by 150 million listeners around the world. Four months later, World War II broke out. At least one newspaper accuses this curse. The truth, or fake news?

In 1972, officials of the Cairo Museum packed up the treasures taken from the tomb of King Tutankhamun and sent them to the rest of the world. However, soon, the crew responsible for transporting these cultural relics suffered a series of bad luck. One of them got divorced. Another heart attack. The third person kicked the crate containing Tutankhamun’s famous golden mask mockingly. “Look, I kicked the most expensive thing in the world,” he joked. Two days later, he broke that leg. The reporter whispered. They said it was all because of a curse. The truth, or fake news?

In 1992, a film crew went to the Valley of the Kings to shoot a documentary about the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb. They are plagued by difficulties. When shooting in the tomb, the lights flickered constantly. The director of this film was hospitalized with gallstones. The main cable of the elevator of the film crew broke, and the members fell 21 floors before stopping. The narrator of the film suddenly numbs his vocal cords. He even stopped breathing for a few seconds. The media reported these incidents and implied that they were caused by curses. The truth, or fake news?

In 2007, a British writer found some dusty heirlooms behind the closet. They are petri dishes containing biological samples of palm seeds, nuts, and other debris that were taken from Tutankhamun’s tomb during Howard Carter’s excavation. The writer proudly displayed these artifacts in her living room. That was when the doom began. First, a close friend died unexpectedly. Then, the author needs urgent surgery. She recovered, but soon found out that she had contracted meningitis again, which is a viral infection. After six weeks in the intensive care unit, she was robbed at gunpoint a few days after she returned home. A month later, her ten-year marriage suddenly ended in divorce, and she was diagnosed with skin cancer. At that time she decided to go to Egypt to return the relics. A famous London newspaper published her story. In it, the author speculates that since the discovery of the relic, the diseases, deaths, illnesses and divorces that have plagued her are all caused by curses. The truth, or fake news?

The curse of the mummy still exists. Are there any supernatural phenomena? Or something else? Find out in The curse of the mummy.

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