So, do you like him now?

Isaac Bruce is now a member of the Hall of Fame. The quiet NFL star started his own business in the late 1990s as an outside player in the Rams’ “Greatest Lawn Show” era. But long before he took over TD from Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, the league doubted his chances on the grill.

At the ceremonial ceremony of the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 2022, Bruce took time to remind “The Unknown Voice” that he told him that the NFL team doesn’t care about his chances in the draft. In fact, he succeeded, with a few words of integrity. drop:

Two weeks before the 1994 draft, the nameless voice called me to let me know that the NFL did not check me. They don’t like me. They prefer NFL legends Bert Emanuel and Ryan Yarborough. I know you are still alive. I know you are listening. I pray that God will let you live to this day. So my message to you is-rap legend Kool Moe Dee wants me to ask you: “Do you like me now?”

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Interestingly, Bruce is not a losing player, nor is it a final round of the draft: he did go to St. Louis in the second round, although in the 1994 NFL draft, five wide receivers were selected before him. None of the five people before him were members of the Hall of Fame.

It’s also worth noting that both Yarborough and Emanuel were selected Rear He was selected by the Jets and Falcons with the 41st and 46th overall picks in the draft. Bruce is the 33rd overall pick. Interestingly, Bruce is small enough to ridicule the “NFL legends” Emmanuel and Aberle.

Yarborough became popular in the NFL. After a prolific college career, he only played in the NFL for four years. Emanuel will perform better, completing 28 touchdowns in his short career.

With Bruce, Warner, Marshall Fork, and Orlando Pace all inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Rams of the late 90s are now immortal. Next, Tori Holt?

If Holt comes in, let us hope he has a stingy speech like Bruce.

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