Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister of Israel, left the official residence a month after resignation.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu officially left his official residence in Jerusalem nearly a month after he left. Replaced by his successor Naftali Bennett.

“Shortly after midnight, the Netanyahu family left the Belfort residence. [Street],” the family’s spokesperson told reporters in a statement on Sunday.

A moving truck was found outside the house, and a black Audi car was towed away from the property over the weekend.

The hawk Netanyahu served as Israeli prime minister for 12 consecutive years after the previous three-year term.

He remained in office even when he was tried on charges of fraud, bribery and perfidious bribery. He denied these allegations and said they were a left-wing conspiracy against him.

Before the right-wing nationalist Bennett was sworn in to lead an ideological coalition on June 13, he led Israel in four severely divided elections in less than two years, ousting him from office.

However, Netanyahu did not vacate the prime minister’s residence.

Instead, he continued to receive dignitaries, including Nikki Hayley, who served as the US ambassador to the United Nations under President Donald Trump.

In late June, the offices of Netanyahu and Bennett announced that July 10 was the last date for the former prime minister to relocate.

Netanyahu left after midnight on Sunday, a little later than the deadline he agreed.

The “Minister of Crime” is an organization that has protested against Netanyahu every week outside the residence for more than a year and mocked him on Sunday.

The organization wrote on Facebook: “The defendant and his family escaped as the last thief that night.”

The residence has become a symbol of the Netanyahu scandal, and for most of the past year, weekly protests against Netanyahu have occurred. The demonstrators called on the then prime minister to resign during the corruption trial.

Bennett will take over the prime minister’s residence on Sunday.


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