Mazda ensure Release more electric car May not mark the end of its famous rotary engine. According to reports, the company is developing a hydrogen-burning Wankel that can be used to power the company’s successor. RX-8.

No sources cited, Japanese magazines Best car wrote Mazda has never completely stopped developing rotary engines.After RX-8 production ended in 2012, it greatly reduced the plan, but there were reports that There even appeared a patent for rotating technology During this time.It expanded again in the late 2010s and designed a range extender for MX-30 electric crossover. The focus of the development team has now shifted to making Wankels that can burn hydrogen, According to the same report.

Details such as horsepower, torque and number of rotors have not yet been announced, probably because the engine is still in the embryonic stage of development, but this is a solution with multiple technical advantages. One of the weaknesses of hydrogen is that it tends to catch fire at hot spots in the cylinder. Best car Note that the Wankel engine has no hot spots, because it uses a rotor instead of a piston, so it is very suitable for combustion hydrogen.

It is not common to ignite hydrogen; most car manufacturers Who dabbles in technology Use fuel to generate electricity, and then run one or more electric motors. However, this is not unprecedented.Mazda test even Hire Experimental RX-8 In the 2000s, its engines could run on gasoline or hydrogen fuel, although the system occupies the entire trunk and weighs close to 200 pounds.The engine is even used in some Testing the Mazda5 minivan. Recently, Toyota (Working with Mazda On several projects) Built Corolla Endurance Racing It is powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder engine that burns hydrogen.

There is no news about the power of the new rotating device.One possibility is RX-Vision concept car Appear in trademark Documents submitted in August 2021.It can be used as Hybrids With a pair of in-wheel motors. If it looks like a 2015 concept (pictured), there is no doubt that fans will welcome it as the successor to the RX-8.

“If we decide to do this, the prototype will be completed in three years. The most likely system is a system that incorporates an electric turbocharger,” an anonymous Mazda official told Best carIt is relatively easy to make a prototype; it is much more difficult to develop a convincing business case.Ultimately, whether the project obtains a production license depends on the development cost and whether there are enough people Buy a car.

Mazda has not yet commented on the report, and its future rotary engine plans are vague at best.There are some reports that Say The range extender may have been frozen, but Subsequent reports stated that they will continue to increase unabated.

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