Austria will try to do what the previous 30 opponents failed to do against the Italian national team: defeat the Azzurri in the official game.

As one of the most impressive teams in the 2022 European Cup group stage, Italy became the top priority in the 16 rounds of the Wembley Stadium, only one game away from setting the historical record of the Italian men’s team undefeated.

Italy staged a performance in the first three group matches at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Roberto Mancini’s team is boasting the image of Italian football that has long been based on mastery, tactics and defense. On the contrary, his side has become an offensive force. The Italian moved forward in a vertical and fast manner, pushing many players forward in a full sprint.

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It turns out that those blue shirt waves are overwhelming for the opposing team. This is what waits for the Austrian team to enter the European knockout stage for the first time ever in the group stage and is not entirely convincing.

How to watch Italy vs. Austria

  • date: Saturday, June 26
  • time: 3 p.m. EST
  • TV: ABC
  • stream media: Fubo TV, ESPN app, PrendeTV

ABC will broadcast the game and the network can be streamed fuboTV (7-day free trial).

The game is also available in Spanish via Univision’s PrendeTV app.

Italy: “The toughest game is waiting for us”

This is what the head coach Roberto Mancini called the 16-round match against Austria. Obviously, the opponent he is looking forward to will make it difficult for the Italians, just like the well-known single-elimination tournament.

Austria can defeat the Netherlands, this is the best team it has encountered in the group stage. The Dutch used an early penalty kick to score. Although the final score was 2-0, it was still a draw for the rest of the game.

“If we can surpass Austria, our situation will be better,” Mancini said, looking ahead to the upcoming rounds. The winner of the Belgium-Portugal match will be waiting in the quarter-finals.

How will Austria play?

Austria’s German coach Franco Foda happens to be of Italian origin and can be tactically flexible, but his team chose a three-person central-back formation in the group stage, with full-backs playing an important role.

The Austrian team is undoubtedly a talented team, and the group stage has proved this, especially when the Austrian is attacking the opponent on the front foot. Austria’s troubled moment was when it gave up control and retreated to a more speculative position. Faced with a rolling Italian team, there may be no other choice.

The star player of the Austrian is David Alaba. Although he often played well in his nearest club Bayern Munich, he has been playing on the three-man defender line. His best and most productive position has always been a topic of debate, and when he joins Real Madrid this summer, this topic will surface again.

Who goes to Italy first?

As the qualification to enter the round of 16 has been locked, Mancini was able to rest most of his starters in the group finals. Next, he will face several key decisions, Francesco Asselby is expected to replace the injured center back Giorgio Chiellini and Marco Villati to replace Mann, the two-goal scorer on the left side of the midfielder. Nuel Locatelli. It will be interesting to see if the latter’s move might take away some momentum from Azzurri’s offense.

Don’t expect the Italians to get rid of their high-speed, high-pressure games through quick combinations near the opponent’s penalty area. The three forwards will set the tone and need to stimulate performance with the help of active offenses from the full-backs.

Italy vs. Austria odds and predictions

Forward Marko Arantovic is Austria’s most dangerous offensive player, and it will be interesting to see if Fuda decides to start or let him come off the bench. The decision will clarify Austria’s approach.

Either way, the Italian defense should be able to deal with Anautovic. If the Italians can also avoid any major mistakes in set-pieces, they should be able to give their attackers a chance to decide the game.

Austria’s resistance will be fierce, but Italy has the talent to create the magical moments needed to reach the quarter-finals.

prophecy: Italy 2, Austria 0

Odds are provided by DraftKings:

  • Italy wins (90 minutes): -195
  • Italy advances: -500
  • Lucky draw (90 minutes): +310
  • Austria wins (90 minutes): +600
  • Austria advances: +350
  • Italy -1.25 Asian Handicap: +125

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