Since 2018, Jada Pinkett Smith Keep talking about her Hair loss journey. On May 21, the host of the red table talk Shared her story with tears, Said: “I have received a lot of questions about why I wear this headscarf. Well, I have always had hair loss problems.” Now, three years later, she let it go– Literally ——Because her hair has been completely shaved.

On July 12th, daughter and musician Willow was the first to show off her mother’s bald head and shared their gorgeous selfies. Just a few hours later, the newly recruited bald villain reposted this selfie on her Instagram with the text: “Willow, I did this because it’s time to let go, but…my 50s To be sacredly illuminated by this shed.”

The mother and daughter look absolutely radiant, and you might not even notice the lack of hair on Pinkett Smith’s head.Over the years, idols from the 90s gave us some hair It looks like Including some amazing shortcuts-I mean, honestly, she can go from Elf. But being completely bald is another matter, she low-key persuaded us that maybe we all need to quit Shaver (Or make an appointment with an experienced hair stylist) and try to cut your hair short.

Although she looks absolutely amazing, we are more pleased to see that her hair loss journey has evolved into a kind of love and acceptance.Despite the fact Hair loss It is normal for many people, and the moments when celebrities like this share their real experiences will make those who may feel uncomfortable feel very sure.

There is no one way to lose hair, and there is no “right” way to solve the problem of hair loss, but Pinkett Smith tells us that sometimes it’s okay to get all your hair off.

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