Many people think that tattoos are neither appropriate nor beautiful for people in their 20s and 30s-but Jada Pinkett Smith This idea just proved wrong. On August 15th, the actor revealed via Instagram that she will start tattooing sleeves at the age of 49, and attach the first photo of the tattoo as a tribute to the “Holy Women’s Journey”.

As Pinkett Smith wrote in her post, she had been planning to get a full tattoo sleeve when she was 60, but she couldn’t wait. “I always say that I will get a sleeve when I am 60, but there is no promise tomorrow. That’s great… I will start making my sleeve now,” she wrote. “Repp’n a journey of divine feminine inner and outer.”

The tattoo itself seems to be the Hindu goddess Sita, who represents divinity, sacrifice, love, etc.This is certainly not the actor’s first tattoo; for example, earlier this year, she received a match Lotus tattoo From famous artists Dr. Wu With her mother and daughter. The incredibly thin lines on her new forearm appear to be single-needle tattoos, the same style as her other artworks.

Obviously, this won’t be the last tattoo that Pinket Smith plans to create a full sleeve (which, by the way, is not as difficult as it seems). We assume that she will continue to use delicate lines and ultra-realistic details. In any case, no matter what happens next, we will wait and see by the seat.

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