Japan will declare a Covid-19 emergency in Tokyo to run through the entire Olympic Games.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will hold a press conference on Thursday night to announce these measures because Delta variant Promote the rapid spread of coronavirus infections.

Re-entering the state of emergency means that the Tokyo public will Was urged to stay at home Even the International Olympic Committee hosts the world’s largest sporting event in its streets and stadiums.

The International Olympic Committee insists that the Olympics must continue even in a state of emergency, but the statement may result in stricter restrictions on spectators.Tokyo 2020 will review its decision to allow Up to 10,000 viewers, Or 50% of the total capacity, in the stadium before this weekend.

Japan’s minister in charge of the Covid-19 response, Yasutoshi Nishimura, described the situation as “a race between vaccination and the spread of Delta variants”. He said that during the emergency, vaccination will continue as soon as possible.

After a slow start, the Japanese Vaccine launch The pace has been accelerated, but it only gave the first dose to 27% of the public, leaving behind Large numbers of unvaccinated people Covid-19 can spread in it.

On Wednesday, Tokyo reported 920 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily number since May 13. Since Japan lifted the previous state of emergency last month, the number of cases has been climbing.

Following the previous announcements in the spring of 2020, winter 2021, and spring 2021, the new state of emergency will be Tokyo’s fourth time. According to previous restrictions, the public is required to work from home as much as possible, and the restaurant is required to close at 8pm.

The exact new restrictions have not yet been announced. Japan enjoys the constitutional right of free movement, so all restrictions are voluntary. Previous state of emergency It has been effective in reducing Covid-19 cases, but medical officials are concerned about non-compliance with the rules and the high spread of Delta variants.

Health Minister Norihisa Tamura said: “Delta variants are developing rapidly, accounting for 7% of cases nationwide and 14% in Tokyo.” “Given that we hope this is the last round of emergency measures, we will continue to vaccinate and take into account the wishes of the public. Responding to the coronavirus.”

Okinawa will also maintain a state of emergency, but other major cities in Japan will not be restricted, which should reduce Economic impact New measures.

“The economic recovery driven by exports and manufacturing is unlikely to be derailed,” said Takeshi Yamaguchi, chief Japanese economist at Morgan Stanley in Tokyo, noting that the new emergency has a smaller geographic scope. He added that families have adapted to online shopping.

However, Yamaguchi believes that another round of fiscal stimulus pressure will increase, which may include providing more cash relief to low-income individuals.

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