Meteorologists urge inhabitants of endangered areas to take refuge in safe places from the typhoon that on Saturday it blew with gusts of up to 270 km / h.Nanmadol“has been classified as a” severe “storm, which is the highest level of threat, according to Japanese meteorologists.

The typhoon is expected on Sunday in Kagoshima Prefecture, located in the south of the island of Kyushu. Then it is to head north towards Honshu – the main island of the archipelago.

“There is a risk of unprecedented storms, high waves, floods and record rainfall.” Ryuta Kurora, head of the forecast service at the Japan Meteorological Agency told reporters.

“We must exercise extreme caution,” he warned, urging residents to evacuate quickly on the grounds that “it is a very dangerous typhoon.” He added that an evacuation order has already been issued for 330,000. inhabitants of the city of Kagoshima.

Kurora stressed that the meteorological agency may issue it on Saturday maximum alert for the Kagoshima region. This would be the first typhoon-related special alert issued outside of Okinawa since 2013.

“The wind is going to be so strong that some houses may collapse” Kurora said, also warning against floods and landslides.

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Japan is currently in the middle of typhoon season. About 20 storms of this type hit it each year.