Jeep seems to be planning an entry-level SUV, which will be positioned in traitor (As shown in the picture above), it is set to be fully electric, Automatic courier report. Mark Allen, head of Jeep design, told the publication, “We are studying all possible market segments,” adding that there is clearly room underneath the B-class Renegade, “This is what we are studying.”

Allen also hinted that other new models are being considered, but said that “we want to cover several other forks on the road.” The publication speculates that if the baby jeep is to be fully electric, it must use the next-generation modular STLA from the parent company Stellattis platform.

The platform will be delivered in 2026 and can be installed with two electric motors (one on each axle) to achieve all-wheel drive, which is a prerequisite for Jeep. STLA can be expanded to accommodate multiple market segments and battery sizes, from small city cars equipped with 37 kWh battery packs to pickup trucks or commercial vehicles with battery capacity over 200 kWh.

Jeep, now under the management of Stellatis, is electrifying all its models, including the upcoming Grand Cherokee 4xeLike most major car brands, it is accelerating the development of all-electric models. By 2025, Stellattis will dump more than 30 billion euros (approximately RM149 billion) to achieve its electric vehicle goals. Stellantis’ goal is that by 2030, more than 70% of sales in Europe and more than 40% of sales in the United States will consist of low-emission vehicles.


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