jeep The boss Jim Morrison told the media at the press conference Chicago Auto Show The brand will introduce additional 35-inch tire options later this year.Jeep recently announced 2021 Xtreme Recon bag, Which increased the factory’s 35-inch tires to the top 4 doors Wrangler Rubicon, but there is more.

“We will have more 35-inch tires later this year,” Morrison said, but declined to specify which models would benefit.It may be an extension of the Wrangler’s 35-inch factory options, or it may be the introduction of a software package similar to Xtreme Recon for Gladiator Pickup, it borrows many off-road features from the Wrangler.

In addition to the Xtreme Recon kit, Jeep has announced that the 2021 Wrangler Rubicon will also receive the optional 4.88:1 The axle ratio will be 100:1 (best in class) when paired with a six-speed manual later this year.

Ford’s new Mustang Provide 35″ tires Savage bag vehicle. The maximum crawl ratio of Bronco and the seven-speed manual crawler gear is 94.75:1.

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